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  1. I'm having an error during the compile . C:\users\klp\stat.java:[31,51] cannot find symbol symbol : class pvp location : Class com.l2jfree.gameserver.handler.voicedcommandhandlers.stat :P Any Help ?? :)
  2. L2Osiris the Server rly RockS ;D - C6 OFF - x45 - no lag - no bugs - growing community ( 350++ ) Join now :P
  3. Nice Collection .. Very Good Job . Gratz :P
  4. To System gia na boreis na to editareis . ( na alakseis l2.ini klp ) prpei na einai patched ... Mhpws 9eleis patched ?? :P
  5. Wonderfull dagger K4rma :) you have talent boy ;D Keep up :P
  6. douleuoun akoma merika packets tou l2phx se arketous l2j servers :P
  7. Nai.. Afou vazeis sto l2ini localhost ( tote prpei kai sto internal / external ip , na valeis :)
  8. Superb ;D Joining now :P .. I'm sure it worths !! :)
  9. Thnx 4 the uber exploit :) It Works .., Thnx m8:P
  10. Lpn, ;D 8a pas na anoikseis ena song,deksi click,anoigma me,epilogi proepilegmenou programmatos,8a dialekseis wmp,k 8a kaneis tick ekei p leei,anoigma autou tou eidous arxeia pada me ..etc :P
  11. Indeed , they are not officially out yet :) Also Wrong Section , a Mod move it :)