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interlude [Interlude L2J] L2 Line


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We Dont Have Corrupted Gms The Server Is Beeing Viewed By Some Friends That Are GM's But Real GMs Dont Know That And They Look Them All Time (And If We See / You See Any Problem Pm Here Or In The Server Thanks :) )

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give some info about it ..(i cant find anything in site,u have npc buffer,need to make quest for classes?)

its x5000,x8 or x45???spoil rate??

u have custom things??lag??population??

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1st of all server is down and the whole time you can see the status say on,just bcoz it is painted not an actual status like hz..

In the 1st post you wrote the link wrong..update it with vent's one..

Also server is max of lag,min of ppl maybe coz its new dunno..But the worst is the rates change every 2 days..i mean ok x5000 is good for a server with such hardware, cause don't lie its hosted on your pc not dedicated pc, you can see it from the lag.

But x8?for a java?even x45 with this specs is very low.

Just my opinion.

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Mr.Peos I think you have to update your post....Your server is different than the site tha you gave us...You said that exp is x8....And it is x45... ;)

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