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  1. Here we go again then...12years later...lets just play some gold. Ps : Dont you fuken remove bots you....we are too old for this.
  2. O extremedwarf Pame piso poso piso ? O extremedwarf, i tranoula, o kosha i irini oi 4oD ?? oi oi oi.....pira varadero...mages mou otan kavalisa strider proti fora...ti na mas poune
  3. Esu mou emathes to lineage se ena net cafe stin karisto .....
  4. are ya, huh ? tho the real victim is hiding. well i win, bye.
  5. Yesh i DO eNTINTED for the sws : Boney M. - Ma Baker sori for everything,
  6. Im just a cunt but il say thatthe best of the fuken best is c4. C5 fuked everything up and even IL is just ''average'' at best. So fuck you and fuck me and def fuck Eris so she can have a son, named anti christ. Thats all. For the MDMA
  7. Im playing on this server for 4 days now and I can say the only problem I found is with the voting rewards, sometimes they bug out and you need to wait for like 20/30minutes till you get em. Minor problem. Bugs are non existent and classes are balanced. Like real h5 off, every class can hit 5k if he has the element or buff advantage over you so dont cry about it. Community is kinda random /BR/GR private server BUT you can find people. Actually there are people helping the newbies in a way I rarely seen on privates (no joke a dwarf (BlackM00n) was helping me to get vorpal for like 2 hours for no reward or anything, and an AW (AgainstAllOddS) bought me full dynasty, again without asking for anything). I didnt do any raiding yet but Im sure they work retail like (at least the quests). All in all it seems a great server worth playing. And dont be intimated by the seemingly ''hard'' farming, because you can get everything by drops in like 1 week. Ez exp too, so you can level your spoiler if you wanna craft.
  8. And not downs. Server is perfect. Also to add, new players start with 30COL. That means that you can buy subclass OR noblequest. Also there is a buffer and you get 30 vitality potions at the start. All in all dont be afraid to start there, the server worth it and you have a chance to compete with old players even if you play it casual. No retarded donation system either.
  9. Aster

    EN Sap

    Brzoza Im having flashes seeing an orc and a db +9 ? Grim still here ? Others must be old too but changed names ? Where's Exte ? Zunix ? K4rma ? Phoenix ? Meh. We got old you fuks....we got old. Btw, anyone playing archeage ? I tried going back to l2 but it was a failure.
  10. You blame someone else for your mistakes. Dude really, read your post again. Who is an experienced dev in your opinion ? Is the devs working for NCsoft newbies ? Because im sure as hell they made unstuck 5 minutes. And what about the 0% exp ? What exp would you consider acceptable ? Kappa. I hope you try the server once again, and see how many people are there and if you find a room to farm fast or not.
  11. My friend what is your problem ? Sorry but you seem retarded. First, you have skill to teleport away. But erven if you didnt have the skill, blaming a server because unstuck is 5 mins (as it should) is retarded. You die to a creep, and what do you expect ? Not to delevel ? Are you serious ? yeah servers fault. You wont be missed....go away mate, go away.
  12. Not only like, I love it. I have years to play like this. I played all night yesterday and im still on :D. but got sb +12 :D :D Anyone joining wanna talk/help pm LivingBehind. This server rocks guys, not even 3 days yet and its 150+ ON. Join if you are c4 lovers.
  13. Old l2loyal, closing day. Had just finished my noble quest, epic robe and am +10 (i think the second higher on server). I will join only for the memories. Fakoykas/k4rmarrows come join bro....btw i think this is the server where i found k4rma and he introduced me to mxc and to botting. daaaaaaamn EDIT : alrighty, i joined and the server is awsome, much love <3. But since there is no forum and you have yet to open petitions, can i maybe suggest you to add abit more mdef on heavy armor ? Or just remove the mdef bonus from light, because as it stands the heavy sets are kinda weak especially compared to robe sets that give matk AND cspeed as it was never meant for a mage armor to give both in that chronicle so either nerf the mage armors (not mages) or add more attack speed to light and patk/as (lower amount) to heavy. If you think about it, when ncosft added the s80armors they made heavy and light to give as/patk alot more than it used to so mages can be balanced with fighters. Just my 2cents since I care about the server. Also maybe make the catbuff 5 minutes ? :D I hope you believe in this project and it wont go down as one week.
  14. I started lineage after years of innactivity. I came across this server and im amazed, never before in all of my years as private server play found anything like this. Sure, there was some rare times when admins wasnt just a go-rich kidos hosting servers on their potatoes but I really never seen anything like it. The work that the stuff put on keeping things spiced and at the same time balanced and fun is unreal. Elements of low and high rate servers, you need some farm, but you wont hate every second getting it. Events and zones for you to visit, to be guided thru or left alone as you chose to..Whatever kind of player you are, low or high, c4 (like myself) or ertheia this server deserves a visit. And you will see, that it has its way of keeping you logging in... tl;dr Server hosted not on a potato, admin not a potato, PROFIT !!