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Full mmos list


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Copy Pasted(ta pio polla) alla aksizei^^


     * 2Moons — Sprite Fantasy

    * 9Dragons — 3D Chinese Martial Arts Adventure




    * A Tale in the Desert — 3D Non-combat

    * Active Worlds — 3D Virtual Reality

    * Ace Online – 3D science fiction, spaceship combat. Previously known as Space Cowboy Online

    * Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (May 2008) — 3D Fantasy

    * Aion: The Tower of Eternity — (under development) 3D Fantasy

    * Alganon — (under development) 3D Fantasy

    * Anarchy Online — 3D Science Fiction

    * Angel Love Online — Sprite-based Fantasy

    * ArchLord — 3D Fantasy

    * Armada Online — (Under development, alpha) Science Fiction

    * Ashen Empires — Sprite-based Fantasy

    * Asheron's Call — 3D Fantasy

    * Asheron's Call 2 — (shut down 2005) 3D Fantasy

    * Auto Assault (shut down Aug 31, 2007) — Science Fiction Vehicular combat

    * AWplanet — 3D Science Fiction

    * AdventureQuest Worlds






    * Cabal Online — 3D

    * Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall - 3D Cartoon universe

    * Champions Online — 3D, Comic book universe

    * City of Heroes — 3D, Comic book universe (combines with City of Villains)

    * City of Villains — 3D, Comic book universe (combines with City of Heroes)

    * Clan Lord — Sprite-based

    * Club Penguin — 2D, Fantasy Arctic Universe

    * Concerto Gate — 3D Fantasy

    * Conquer Online — Sprite, Mythical China

    * Cronous — 3D Fantasy

    * Cross Gate — Sprite-based




    * Dark Age of Camelot — 3D Fantasy Arthurian/Celtic/Norse mythology

    * Dark Ages — Sprite Fantasy Celtic mythology

    * Dark and Light — 3D

    * Darkeden — Sprite Horror

    * Darkfall — (under development) 3D Fantasy

    * Dark Sun Online: Crimson Sands — Sprite Fantasy

    * DECO Online — 3D Fantasy

    * Diaspora (computer game) — 2D Space Trading Game

    * Disney's Toontown Online — 3D Game

    * Dofus — 2D fantasy, tactical

    * Dragon Ball Online — (under development) 3D Dragon Ball universe

    * Dragon Raja — 2D Fantasy

    * DragonRealms — Text-based, Real Time

    * Dransik — 2D Retro Fantasy

    * Dream of Mirror Online — 3D Chinese mythology

    * Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach — 3D Dungeons & Dragons universe (3.5 Ruleset)

    * Dungeon Runners — 3D Fantasy




    * Earth & Beyond — (shut down 2004) 3D Science Fiction

    * Earth Eternal — 3D Medieval Fantasy

    * Emil Chronicle Online — 3D Fantasy

    * Empire of Sports - 3D Sports game (beta)

    * Eternal Lands — 3D Medieval Fantasy (under development, beta)

    * Eudemons Online — 3D Fantasy

    * EVE Online — 3D Science Fiction, space vehicle piloting

    * EverQuest — 3D Fantasy

    * EverQuest II — 3D Fantasy (sequel to Everquest)

    * EverQuest Online Adventures — 3D (Playstation 2 only; prequel to Everquest)




    * Face of Mankind — Cancelled 3D Science Fiction

    * Fallen Earth — (under development) 3D Post-apocalyptic

    * Fantasy Westward Journey — Sprite-based Chinese Fantasy

    * Fiesta — 3D Fantasy

    * Final Fantasy XI — 3D Final Fantasy universe (Multiplatform: PC, Playstation 2, Xbox 360)

    * Florensia — 3D Maritime Fantasy

    * Fly For Fun — 3D Fantasy

    * Frontier 1859 — (under development) Historical American Old West

    * Fung Wan Online — 3D Chinese Fantasy

    * Furcadia — 3D

    * Fury — (cancelled August 5, 2008) 3D PvP-based Fantasy




    * Gekkeiju Online — 3D Medieval Fantasy

    * Gemstone IV - Text-based, real time

    * Ghost Online - 2D Side-scrolling

    * Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising — (canceled 10/17/2007) Olympian mythology/Historical multiple character control

    * Goal Line Blitz - American Football

    * GodsWar Online — Greek mythology

    * Granado Espada — 3D Age of Exploration/Fantasy multiple character control, also known as Sword of the New World

    * Guild Wars — 3D Fantasy




    * Helbreath — Sprite-based Fantasy

    * Hero Online — 3D Chinese mythology

    * Hero's Journey — (under development) 3D

    * The Hooded Gunman — Text-based and turn-based Historical ("The Troubles", Irish para-militarism)

    * Horizons: Empire of Istaria — 3D Fantasy

    * Hellgate: London - 3D action role playing game




    * Infinity: The Quest for Earth — (under development) 3D Science Fiction; spaceship simulator




    * Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative — 3D Science Fiction




    * Knight Online — 3D Fantasy




    * LaTale — 2D Side-scrolling

    * The Legend of Ares — (under development) 3D Fantasy

    * The Legend of Mir 2 — Sprite

    * The Legend of Mir 3 — Sprite (sequel to Legend of Mir 2)

    * Legends of Future Past - Text-based Fantasy

    * Lego Universe — 3D Multi-themed

    * Lineage — Sprite-based Fantasy

    * Lineage II — 3D Fantasy (sequel to Lineage)

    * Lineage III — (under development) sequel to Lineage II

    * The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar — 3D Tolkien's Middle-earth universe

    * Lunia — (open beta) 3D Fantasy Action Adventure



    * Mabinogi — 3D Fantasy

    * Magical Land — Sprite-based Fantasy

    * MapleStory — 2D Side-scrolling Fantasy

    * Marvel Universe Online - (Cancelled) Marvel Universe

    * The Matrix Online — 3D The Matrix universe

    * Megami Tensei Online: IMAGINE — 3D Modern meets mythologies

    * Meridian 59 — 3D

    * Metin 2 — 3D Fantasy

    * Minions of Mirth — 3D

    * Mortal Online — 3D Fantasy

    * Monato Esprit — (currently closed beta) 3D Fantasy

    * Monster Farm Online

    * Motor City Online - (Defunct) Muscle car outfitting and racing

    * MU Online — 3D Medieval Fantasy

    * Myth War Online — 2D Fantasy

    * Mythos — 3D




    * Neocron and Neocron 2 — 3D Cyberpunk

    * Neverwinter Nights

    * Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds — Sprite-based Korean mythology

    * Nostale — 2.5D Fantasy






    * Perfect World — 3D Fantasy

    * Pirates of the Burning Sea — 3D Historical Maritime

    * Pirates of the Caribbean Online — 3D Quasi-Historical Maritime, Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

    * Pi Story — 2D Fantasy

    * PlaneShift — 3D Fantasy (Under Development, Beta)

    * Playstation Home — 3D Life Simulation (Playstation 3)

    * Priston Tale — 3D Fantasy





    * Rohan: Blood Feud — 3D Fantasy

    * Ragnarok Online — Sprite-based Norse/mixed mythology

    * Ragnarok Online 2 — (under development, open beta) 3D (sequel to Ragnarok Online)

    * Rakion — 3D Fantasy

    * Ran Online — 3D Campus Fantasy

    * Rappelz — 3D Fantasy

    * The Realm Online — Sprite-based Fantasy

    * Regnum Online — 3D Medieval Fantasy

    * Requiem: Bloodymare — 3D Fantasy, dark-themed

    * RF Online — 3D Science Fiction meets Fantasy

    * Roma Victor — 3D Roman Empire Historical

    * ROSE Online — 3D Fantasy

    * Rubies of Eventide — 3D Fantasy

    * RuneScape — 3D Medieval Fantasy




    * The Saga of Ryzom — 3D Science Fiction meets Fantasy

    * Sangokushi Online — Chinese Historical

    * Secret of the Solstice - Sprite-based Fantasy

    * The Secret World — (under development) 3D Modern

    * SecondLife - 3D life simulation.

    * Seal Online — 3D Fantasy

    * Shadowbane — 3D Fantasy

    * Shadow of Legend — Fantasy MMORPG

    * Shaiya — 3D Fantasy

    * Shenmue Online — (cancelled) 3D Modern setting

    * Shot-Online — 3D Golf MMORPG

    * Soul of the Ultimate Nation — 3D Fantasy

    * Spellborn — (under development) 3D Fantasy

    * Star Trek Online — (under development) Science Fiction

    * Star Wars Galaxies — 3D Science Fiction Star Wars universe

    * Stargate Worlds — (under development) 3D, Science Fiction Stargate universe

    * StarQuest Online — Science Fiction

    * Stendhal — (under development, released) Sprite-based Fantasy

    * Sherwood — 3D Medieval Game




    * A Tale in the Desert — 3D Ancient Egypt Historical

    * Tabula Rasa — 3D SciFi Game FPS-Style

    * Tales of Eternia Online — Sprite-based Fantasy

    * Tales of Pirates — 3D Fantasy

    * Tantra Online — 3D Hindu mythology

    * The 4th Coming — Sprite-based Fantasy

    * True Fantasy Live Online — (cancelled) 3D Fantasy

    * Tibia — Sprite-based Fantasy

    * Toontown Online — 3D Disney Cartoon setting

    * Travian - HTML Based/Text Based

    * Tribal wars - Medieval browser based game

    * Trickster Online — Sprite-based Fantasy




    * Ultima Online — 2D Medieval Fantasy

    * Uncharted Waters Online — 3D, Historical Maritime

    * Urban Dead — HTML/text-based Zombie Horror




    * Vanguard: Saga of Heroes — 3D, Fantasy

    * Voyage Century Online — 3D, Historical Maritime

    * Virtual Magic Kingdom — 2D, Based on Disney Parks (Disney closed this MMORPG due to the end of the Happiest Celebration of Earth




    * Wakfu — 2D Fantasy, tactical

    * Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning — (under development, Beta) 3D Fantasy, set in Warhammer Fantasy universe

    * Westward Journey — Sprite-based Fantasy

    * With Your Destiny — 3D Fantasy, also known as Supreme Destiny

    * Wonderland Online — Fantasy

    * World of Warcraft — 3D Fantasy, set in Warcraft universe

    * World War II Online — 3D Historical WWII

    * Wurm Online — 3D Medieval Fantasy




    * Xiah — 3D Martial Arts Fantasy




    * Yogurting — 3D Campus Fantasy

    * Yulgang — (based on Korean comic) 3D Fantasy, also known as Scions of Fate




    * Zhengtu — 2D, Chinese mythology

    * Zu Online — 3D, Chinese mythology



Gia na vreite analutika ti einai to ka8ena pate edw http://en.wikipedia.org k vazete sto search to antistoixo onoma,hf xD



edit:updated with many mmorpgs more:)

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well heres some more thats not on the list



Angels Online



Another World





Andromeda 9


Age Of Aventure

Ace of Angels


Age of Armor


Boundless Planet






Crazy Tao

Call Of Combat

Counter-Strike 2D



Crisis [ http://museum.sysun.com/crisis/index.html ]


Drift City



Deicide Online



Docking Station



Endless Ages

ELF Online

Era Online



Endless Online


Freestyle Street Basketball




Gunz Online




Gate To Heavens

Hostile Space

Habbo Hotel

Hover Race



Irth Online.com

KongKong Online

KAL Online

Kingdoms of War

Kingdom of Drakkar

Kicks Online

Last Chaos



Myth War




Mystic Realms


Maple Story


Martial Heroes



Net Tetris

OZ World

Odyssey Online



Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst


Project Entropia



Red Stone



Rune Scape

Secrets of Mirage


Seek And Dread Online

Shadow Worlds


Supreme Destiny


Survival Project

Scions of Fate



Stellar Frontier




Tunnel Of Love

The Black Legacy

Thang Online

Tribes II

Twelve Sky




TankWars Online

The Battle for Wesnoth

Ultimate Baseball Online


World of Kungfu


Wulfram II


War Rock

Vagabonds Realm


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In L2, If u want to be max LV, max Items, max everything (except some unique items ofcause) u need about 2 years hardcore.


If U want to complete the list above, it would take you 1 century, you are wasting your life :D

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