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  1. i didnt quite understand this... so say i have a 78 HE without any subclass... this makes me add a subclass without lvling it from 40-78? does this work if i alreayd have 3 subclasses? i cant get it to work
  2. i thoguth you can only buy 1 scroll at a time... it doesnt give me a window to put a number
  3. ur just spamming... its usefull for all servers that require adena
  4. easiest way is to do it this way http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=26049.0 use IG walker
  5. because the autoclicker uses F2 to stop clicking?
  6. this is hard to understand. please post some screenshots. and is this supposed to be 100% safe enchant?
  7. kind of an old topic but i need to know this: does it use the proxy only for l2walker?
  8. thats what im doing now.. im using this auto mouse clicking program and i set up a series of clicks at certain intervals.. only problem is that i cant use the comp while its running >.>
  9. is it possible to make a script that 1. makes CP pots 2. restarts back to the character screen so the reuse time is gone 3. select char to log back in 4. repeat 1-3
  10. bad idea to give away your msn on a hacking forum.. people will send you programs and say "use this to dupe" but it's actually a virus