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  1. Run L2asrv Run L2Walker Run Hlapex Run Lineage2 (click Start/Run in Walker window)
  2. They tried to fix it on L2Gold, but once again... Script Updated! ^^ Works alright xD
  3. It works on all official C4 servers, just edit it according to your needs.
  4. Script Edited. Works perfectly now. It worked for 4 hours without any problems. If there's too much lag on your server it is not my fault, just increase the delays.
  5. It is running endlessly already, there's an infinite loop. Feel free to add anything though... Just look at the script and tell me if you don't see that.
  6. You are supposed to use it with l2packethack and the adena script (adena.txt) And it does work, I've tryed it myself.
  7. 1)It could work anywhere... 2)I Edited the title anyway though...
  8. I made this script myself and its working fine now after the last edit. It's the best and easiest to use script, click run once and you can go to sleep or whatever, it will stop when you reach 2kkk. Label(Start) NPCDLG(Holly[iD=7839]) DELAY(500) DLGSEL(Buy Consumables and Minerals) DELAY(100) { BuyItem(Soul Ore[iD=1785],1) } DELAY(100) NPCDLG(Holly[iD=7839]) DELAY(500) DLGSEL(Buy Consumables and Minerals) DELAY(100) { BuyItem(Soul Ore[iD=1785],9999) } NPCDLG(Holly[iD=7839]) DELAY(500) DLGSEL(Sell ) DELAY(100) { SellItem(Soul Ore[iD=1785],1) } NPCDLG(Holly[iD=7839]) DELAY(500) DLGSEL(Se
  9. Hlapex doesn't work anymore I think...
  10. Nice bug there, gonna try it on a C4 Official Server, I hope they won't ban me or anything :/