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  1. Selling my account on noobwars x25 interlude. It has a domi lvl 79 and 82% with 4th divine inspiration book, infinite S soulshots and the items below +4 Robe dc - rest set is +3 tateo set +3 arcana mace acumen +6 with WILD MAGIC LVL 10 PASSIVE augment 330 donation coins 340mil adena VIP 1 month Buff book forever donation coins alone cost 33 euros. the arcana mace acumen +6 costs more than 800 donation coin, only a few have it (almost noone with wild magic) VIP + buff book both cost 30 euro in total Im
  2. actually one full set costs 2k gb 1 wpn=250gb full rb set lets say 400gb although its much less,so lets say 3k gb total. with 1 euro u buy 2 apiga 10 euros=20 apiga 1 apiga costs 200gb 20 apiga*200gb=4000gb. so with 10 euros you can buy what you sell and have 1k gb too :)
  3. im gonna try what you said but what you mean with the last phrase?
  4. not asking for this one,im asking for different ip's in game so i can take multiple rewards.
  5. The server im playing gives 1 gcm per 15 votes for example. How can i have multiple windows from same pc take the reward?If i open multiple ones only 1 is getting.
  6. Ο l2gang δεν έχει κανά τρομερό σύστημα προστασίας,απλά rr να κάνεις το router μπορείς να πας στον Νpc μετά από τα votes και να ξαναπάρεις 1Apiga-20gb ανάλογα τι έχουν.
  7. pws k kala o luffy nikise ton shiki o opoios itan isaksios tou gol d roger k ta xe valei mazi k me garp kai me sengoku same time einai allo 8ema..