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[INTERLUDE-L2OFF]L2 Exodus is BACK ! Check out !


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Ok Guyz !


L2 Exodus is back !


• WEBSITE: http://www.l2exodus.com


Server wiped !


And started 18/04/08


Server Info:




• Start day: 18 / 04 / 2008




• Shops up to A Grade Weapons and A / S Grade armors Sealed


• AA System, MId level dropeable in Antharas Lair and High Level in Chaotic Zones / Forge of The Gods


• S Grade weapons dropeable


• Epic weapons + Exodus Adena, dropeable from Raid Bosses


• Titanium armor + Exodus Ticket, dropeable from Raid Bosses


• Epic Armors upgradeable with Titanium Armors + Exodus Ticket + Ancient Adena


• Kamael weapons upgradeable with Epic weapons + Adena Exodus + Ancient Adena + Exodus Ticket + S Grade weapon + Exodus Adena


• Dynasty Armors upgradeable with Titanium Armor + Exodus Ticket + Exodus Adena + Ancient Adena + Epic Armor + Exodus Ticket


• Buffs 4 Hours


• Chaotic Zones = When u're PK you dont drop


• NPC Buffer


• Olympiad Only with A Grade Equips --- Soon


• English Community


• Uptime 99.50%


• What u're waiting ? Join now !


• WEBSITE: http://www.l2exodus.com


Staff L2 Exodus.




Come and play with US again !!!

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-999 karma







thought it was a good server at the time but was not well. Many players friends GM with items which were much advantage and much more.


Not recommended for me.

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Regardless it seem's that the same thing is gonna happen Noone is probably gonna donate and your going to shut it down all over again , so i dont know if it's the right server to join ATM knowing it's History


Edit : on top of that the donation's arnt very balanced boss set's and if it's the same system as before wipe S grade weps hardly dropped only useless one'

s dropped and your going to put +16 up for donation? lol k

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Well Im the New owner of Exodus.

First of all Im Not BR.


Well im not going to fuck the server up.No one Is going to take Free AIO's, Items etc.(there is alredy 2 Donated AIOs)


If you Dont want play just dont do it.If you want You are always welcome.


Thanks for your time.



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The server was kinda cool im going to relog just for the memories ... but if its the same farm zone... please make more on old exodus too much spawn killer and pkers .. there was 1 zone in which you get pked all the time :S

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probably will join as hackzor said just for memories if it's good i will stay!


Actually it turns to be better than list time this time no curruption everything is the same and its even with friendly community and the new admin Lorian which is ingame to help you aways when you need the gms from now on are never with Mess refus so you can ask for everything you need whenever you need it. And again " NO CORRUPTION " :) join in i will stay there for awhile though... if you like the server please give it a stickie cuz it needs ppl now :/

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