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  1. This guy is fucking retarded, posting negative for no reason. Avoid doing bussines with him.

  2. Blessed Seraph heavy set +6 and talisman of longing have been sold. Earth Wyrm Ring and One blessed valakas and One blessed antharas are reserved until further notice.
  3. Looking to sell everything listed below. Prices can be negotiated, nothing is set in stone so feel free to drop me a PM with an offer. I'm only taking Western Union do not ask me for other methods of payment. Rulers Authority Longing Talisman ( this is on Shilen ) SOLD Blessed Seraph Heavy Set +6 Full attrid ( this is on Naia ) SOLD Blessed Eternal Heavy Set +7/7/7/6/6 Blessed Valakas Necklace x2 Tauti Ring Earth Wyrm Ring Blessed Antharas Earring x2 Blessed R99 Thrower +12 2x SA 300 +6 Blessed Eternal Light Set QA Soul Ring Baium Soul Ring Frint Soul Necklace Blessed R99
  4. Everyone watch out for dany1990. He tried various different ways to get me to give him items first. Even after i told him to get a middle man. So just a heads up p.s All future scammers don't even try.
  5. UP! Also willing to make an exchange for gear on Naia/Chronos/Bartz/Shilen of equal or greater value.
  6. Feel free to add my skype guys. avri.le
  7. Blessed R99 Thrower +4 300 Double SA. Bow has passive reflect on it. CoC Belt Eternal Light Set +6/5/5/4/4 , Blessed Top , Blessed Leggings , Blessed Boots Istina Earring +5 Antharas Earring +4 Valakas Necklace +5 Octavis Ring +5 Baium Ring +5 SOLD Blessed Zaken +4 Beleth Ring +4 SOLD STR Hat Also WTS the account this gear is on. DE Yul Trickster 99/Dual Class Wynn 97/ +5 STR Ancient Dyes x2 , +5 STR Legend Dyes x1. No more dyes, they were scammed. Active Reflect/Active Skill Refresh Some EoD and lots of different talismans Lots of mats in WH which could amount to some
  8. I'm currently paying top dollar for certain items on Bartz. I will accept them on Chronos or Naia also but i do prefer Bartz so i do not need to pay a transfer fee. List of what i am looking for can be found below. Blessed R99 Thrower Blessed Antharas Earth Wyrm Heart Ring Large quantities of adena Depending on which server these items and/or adena are located on the price will be adjusted accordingly. My methods of payment are limited to Western Union/Paypal ( Verified Only )/ Direct Bank Wire ( This is the least preferred option since it can be a headache depending on your g
  9. I have a very weird problem , im sure i messed up on a part when i put my servers IP in the proxifier on accident , now i cannot connect to server it just sits at login screen , i can connect to any other server. And i can connect to my server from a different cpu just not my CPU. Now my walker wont even allow me to connect to auth at all i cant even connect through regular client . Ive tried uninstalling/reinstalling , im lost. Any advice???
  10. Baemol


    He registered today and already has 50 posts
  11. Yea this guy is a scammer , he asks you to send $ first , just shows you items ingame. Then says send me 500$ and you will get the character. Once he gets it he signs off messenger and ignores you. If i scammed you how are your items still there? /fail Dont let this dude fool you.
  12. Noone cares who you are , your selling items on a low rate with 100 people so gtfo kid. noone wants to buy ur stuff.
  13. It's a retail style server 2 min songs/dances , 20 mins buffs/chants 5min prophecies , cov With 100 people , noone wants to play that 25x lol
  14. You are allowed to bump it once per day , take a look at the dates bumped. Learn the rules before decreasing anyones karma and reporting you dumbass. -1 karma