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[EN][SHARE][GUIDE]Geodata+Some Pathnode For All Clients AND how to install it!

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IL Geodata

IL Pathnodes


~~~~~~Gracia Part 1~~~~~~


CT1 Geodata

CT1 Pathnodes


~~~~~~Gracia Part 2~~~~~~


CT2 Geodata


~~~~~~Gracia Final~~~~~~


CT2.3 Geodata

CT2.3 Pathnodes


~~~~~~Gracia Epilogue~~~~~~


CT2.4 Geodata




CT2.5 Geodata


A proof that works





You already downloaded and u want to install..

There are only three things to do:

1)Extract files

2)Copy and paste Geodata and pathnode into C:\L2JInterlude\gameserver\data\geodata-pathnode

3)Then go C:\L2JInterlude\gameserver\config and change this

# GeoData options: 
# 0 = GeoData and PathFinding OFF (default)
# 1 = GeoData used to check Line Of Sight (LOS) targetting and 
#     L2Playable movement. You need to download files for data/geodata folder.
#     Monsters can pass walls but not aggro through them.
# 2 = Full GeoData enabled, CURRENTLY FOR TESTING ONLY. Includes PathFinding
#     (requires also /data/pathnode files) and all character moves go
#     through geodata checks (if a mob passes a wall, pathing is wrong).
GeoData = 2  <--Change it from 0 to 2 (P.S:If u going to  isntall only geodata change it from 0 to 1 )

#[true]Loads GeoData buffer's content into physical memory.
#[false] Does not necessarily imply that the GeoData buffer's content is not resident in physical memory.
ForceGeodata = true  <--Change it from False to True

# Player coordinates synchronization
#   1 - partial synchronization Client --> Server ; don't use it with geodata
#   2 - partial synchronization Server --> Client ; use this setting with geodata
#  -1 - Old system: will synchronize Z only ; default
CoordSynchronize = 2

# GeoEditorListener (more infos needed about this one)
AcceptGeoeditorConn = False


That's all..Hope u like it..


Password For rar: maniac


Credits to Me




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CoordSynchronize must be set to 2, and the fact it says it loads in the GS means nothing.


IL basic says too it "loads", but see what the mess it is :D.


Such topics already exists, the shares are already existing aswell, so you reinvent the fire/wheel/fishrod...

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well thanks a lot and gratz for first topic, anyway this is already shared and found this geodata in old forums but keep working.


PD: Password is maniac not MaNiaC -.- please fix that.

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