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  1. Hey guys, how are u today?, i hope it's all good, The thing i'm here is that im looking for a Skill Trader, i got one code but it isn't complet and i couldn't make it work. Also i've been LF into Fishing trader but for example in this code: package handlers.bypasshandlers; import com.l2jserver.gameserver.handler.IBypassHandler; import com.l2jserver.gameserver.model.actor.L2Character; import com.l2jserver.gameserver.model.actor.instance.L2FishermanInstance; import com.l2jserver.gameserver.model.actor.instance.L2PcInstance; public class FishSkillList implements IBypassHandler { pri
  2. Thanks for share this amazing stuff whit us!!.. I'll wait for the NpcBuffer, i hope this have the option "Whit Animations", i mean, buff whit animations !!! D:DDD Anyway ty ! :D
  3. This is the amazing guide have been saw in my life!!! Ty for made it!! and share whit us!!
  4. Do u have a link to download the client?, anyway ty 4 share this w/us :D
  5. Hi everyone, i have searching an NpcBuffer whit animations. I mean, when i select any buff from npc, it cast the buff upon the player. I don't care about lag, i need to know how to make one, or what lines i need to change or add in a npcbuffer like Rinas or something like this. If anyone know anything about this, please tell me ;D! Cya thanks :D!