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  1. You won't regret working with the guy, awesome communication and speedy delivery. :>
  2. Haven't tried playing here and probably never will. I gotta say though, stealing that blue chick on your banner from scryde servers is kind of low.
  3. Insane how people go out of their way to trash talk another server, even though they have absolutely no proof of the admins being corrupt. I'm not playing on warland, so i'm not like lucasado here who is ready to do oral for Zeus whenever he asks, but god damn a large portion of L2 community is pure cancer.
  4. Would definitely not recommend anyone to deal with Neophron. First of all its impossible to even talk to the guy, you cant reach him anywhere. Even if you do somehow reach him and pay for the files, there is no guarantee you will even get them anytime soon. Also, chances are, he will send you broken files that will simply not work due to his way of "protection" through his own l2 launcher. Then you can wait a couple of months more for him to fix the problem. Just not worth the trouble.
  5. WTS: Hell knight lvl 77.65%/32kk SP left/TOI talisman 2/VIP 2/2x7day 50% runes/M def talisman CAN CHANGE EMAIL 85eur Tyrant lvl 76.45% (really cheap this one) CAN CHANGE EMAIL 55eur Shillien Saint lvl 76.24% 21kk SP/most important skills learned CAN CHANGE EMAIL 80eur Sword Muse lvl 76.26% 49kk SP/Most important songs learned CAN CHANGE EMAIL 80eur Spectral Dancer lvl 76.27% 51kk SP/Most important dances learned CAN CHANGE EMAIL 80eur Eva's Saint lvl 76.27% 51kk SP/Most of the important skills learned CAN CHANGE EMAIL 80eur Doomcryer lvl 76.26% 54kk SP/Most buffs learned (missing vampire and COV) CAN CHANGE EMAIL 80eur Adena 0.95 euro/1kk STOCK: 128kk ITEMS: Fire pendant lv1 +9 40 eur EDIT:price drop
  6. As the title says, WTB adena on l2classic giran server. Mail me offers.
  7. WTS Adena on *NA Classic* servers. Giran Prices: > 1.7euro for 100k < > 15 euro for 1kk < Current Stock: 10.5kk Items: Light Crossbow +4: SOLD Talking Island Prices: > 1.7 euro for 100k < > 15 euro for 1kk < Current Stock: 6kk Gludio Prices: > 1.6 euro for 100k < > 14.5 euro for 1kk < Current Stock: 9.4kk Aden Prices: >1.4 euro for 100k < > 13 euro for 1kk < Current Stock: 10kk Send me a pm here and i will answer ASAP. Alternatively, you can add me on skype: ArtificialSource Accepting skrill, paypal, btc. Edit 11/2/2018: Prices lowered.
  8. You can 100% trust this dude, bought a ton of adena from him, the deal went smooth.
  9. Topic title says it all, send me a pm with your offers. Im online most of the time, so the reply will be quick.
  10. I can recommend this guy, deal went smooth.
  11. As the title suggests, selling items on l2 tales x15. Got a lot of stuff so i probably didn't even add it in all :D Vorpal light armor set lvl7 +6 (2x parts +7) Vorpal light armor set lvl7 +6 Feather eye blade lvl7 water +6 Vorpal ring +8 Vorpal Earring +8 B freya necklace +6 vorpal ring +6 Zaken +6 Rising star lvl7 dark +7 Olf shirt +10 (selling with char only) Belt pvp p def +6 Adena (dont know how much exactly, you will have to contact me) A soulhound and a DB both with fully maxed skills +30 all certifications and all the good stuff. Any questions, add me to skype whatever.whatever14