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  1. WTS: Hell knight lvl 77.65%/32kk SP left/TOI talisman 2/VIP 2/2x7day 50% runes/M def talisman CAN CHANGE EMAIL 85eur Tyrant lvl 76.45% (really cheap this one) CAN CHANGE EMAIL 55eur Shillien Saint lvl 76.24% 21kk SP/most important skills learned CAN CHANGE EMAIL 80eur Sword Muse lvl 76.26% 49kk SP/Most important songs learned CAN CHANGE EMAIL 80eur Spectral Dancer lvl 76.27% 51kk SP/Most important dances learned CAN CHANGE EMAIL 80eur Eva's Saint lvl 76.27% 51kk SP/Most of the important skills learned CAN CHANGE EMAIL 80eur Doomcryer lvl 76.26% 54kk SP/Most buffs learned (missing vampire and COV) CAN CHANGE EMAIL 80eur Adena 0.95 euro/1kk STOCK: 128kk ITEMS: Fire pendant lv1 +9 40 eur EDIT:price drop
  2. As the title says, WTB adena on l2classic giran server. Mail me offers.
  3. WTS Adena on *NA Classic* servers. Giran Prices: > 1.7euro for 100k < > 15 euro for 1kk < Current Stock: 10.5kk Items: Light Crossbow +4: SOLD Talking Island Prices: > 1.7 euro for 100k < > 15 euro for 1kk < Current Stock: 6kk Gludio Prices: > 1.6 euro for 100k < > 14.5 euro for 1kk < Current Stock: 9.4kk Aden Prices: >1.4 euro for 100k < > 13 euro for 1kk < Current Stock: 10kk Send me a pm here and i will answer ASAP. Alternatively, you can add me on skype: ArtificialSource Accepting skrill, paypal, btc. Edit 11/2/2018: Prices lowered.
  4. You can 100% trust this dude, bought a ton of adena from him, the deal went smooth.
  5. Topic title says it all, send me a pm with your offers. Im online most of the time, so the reply will be quick.
  6. I can recommend this guy, deal went smooth.
  7. As the title suggests, selling items on l2 tales x15. Got a lot of stuff so i probably didn't even add it in all :D Vorpal light armor set lvl7 +6 (2x parts +7) Vorpal light armor set lvl7 +6 Feather eye blade lvl7 water +6 Vorpal ring +8 Vorpal Earring +8 B freya necklace +6 vorpal ring +6 Zaken +6 Rising star lvl7 dark +7 Olf shirt +10 (selling with char only) Belt pvp p def +6 Adena (dont know how much exactly, you will have to contact me) A soulhound and a DB both with fully maxed skills +30 all certifications and all the good stuff. Any questions, add me to skype whatever.whatever14
  8. WTS lvl 90 Feoh soul hound on shilen official server. has Subclass 75/75/62 Noblesse Zaken Cloak Freya Necklace Apocalypse retributer +4 w/ SA 300 attr 3k mentee coins 43k oly tokens Demon circlet +10% m atk 2 sets of ancient dyes lvl 5 int +5, resist water +25 Full unbound twi robe set +3 (jacket and boots +4) almost completely full attr AQ ring 30 days Many vitality potions and birthday vit rewards 34 superior minion coupons If you have any more questions pm me.