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  1. Hello guys i would like to buy PP 52-55 with full skills learned on Skelth PM me here with prices. Thank you.
  2. Add direct link for patch download that updater doesnt work!!!!!
  3. Hello guys i want to sell my Othel Rouge 87lvl at Naia server. In Char i have Full R event Gear jewels/Set/Dual Daggers +7 150 wind (event) another stuff like mentee coins adenas like 60-70kk and other stuff. I will give all information about char like PIN email etc. If you have any question feel free to make Message here in forum. About Payment i accept only PayPall sent as gift. Char Photo Added. Char Price : 7 Euro via Paypall !!!
  4. You guys need nwindow.dll to open with windows 8.1
  5. Server is opened or? When i try download patch from page it's open me new tab Error 404 ...