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  1. @Iordanov is this interface for H5 or Interlude?, If is so, it will work in H5P5? Because I been having some errors, and maybe this is for another client.
  2. @Celestine thanks for your reply, and attention. Before keep moving forward, the interface works in H5 Part5, or just H5? Today I install again a clean H5 client. Attach are the pics after insert the GG killer and then, the error after paste the v3.6.10 interface. Also, after update the client to H5P5, the error is attached as well. Let me know if you need more information. So I can help. PD: There's no error file, just that.
  3. I know mate. I was making reference to the 3.6.10 ver. Let me see if I post some error from somewhere in the 3.6.10 topic. Thanks for your reply. Keep working like that.
  4. Nice share mate. I been trying to use your work @Iordanov under Windows 10, however, I been having some issues so far. 1- I've tried to run H5 client with the 3.6.10 ver,. Client close down and don;t show any error. 2- I've tried to run this one in a Interlude client, same issue. Client shutdown without any error. 3- Some more other errors happend in your V interface as well. Maybe is the Windows, maybe isn't. Also I veen following @Celestine work as well, which looks like both of you work together somehow, every recommendation but still no clue of those errors. Last trial was in a Windows 7 PC as well. Same error, client shutdown in splash screen without an error. Both PC and Windows run both Interlude and H5 clients without a problem. Final words are the system in both chronicles is a clean one, just GG patched and interface tested. Any idea? Or leads? Thanks for your work, indeed. Sadly I hasn't been able to test it. Cheers.
  5. Hi mate, thanks for the share. Nice "serious" looking. Sometimes the templates looks TO colorful and looks sh... really. Thanks for this one.
  6. In the video, the weapons looks really impressive. Lets see if can be added to my H5 server. Thanks for the share, now let's taste them jejeje...
  7. Nice share mate. Keep working like that. Really useful this. lets see if I can use it in my server :)
  8. I'll try to see if work in High Five. Nice good looking interface.
  9. Indeed for me is "lately", and for my server as well... Can you be more specific under share? because most of "those shares" has the old format SQL based... I've already checked before ask, most of them, maybe missed the right one?
  10. In this thread you can find some answer perhaps. thread-moving-server-from-old-l2j-h5-to-new-l2j-h5/ I have the same issue than you, but at least I'm working on fix it. I want H5 P5 as my new chronicle on the server. Cheers...
  11. If you're using L2J latest branch, they change XML format file. Check how is build the others XML in datapack and fix the tags. Is easy to understand the new format. Also if you have old custom_npc, custom_spawnlist, custom_drop, and so, you need to create XML instead of put it into the database as well. Everything can be found under: 1- game/data/stats for NPC, skills, droplist, and so 2- game/data/spawnlist for spawnlist Let us know your results.
  12. Lately, L2J has changed his file structure, that's why a lot of custom developed NPC is not working anymore. Some causes are but not limited to: 1- Null pointer in XML 2- Missing import on Scripts I'm having the same issues than you. If want to check my post here: thread-moving-server-from-old-l2j-h5-to-new-l2j-h5/ You'll find a lot of fixed there (I hope so), since are the same issue that you. See you...