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  1. The High Five file editor is leading me to folder called Diffs.zip containing aCis diffs up to rev 374. I suggest you to re-upload :)
  2. As the title says this is L2J-Guard protection from -> http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/200602-l2jguard/ The protection is shitty as fuck. Blocks only l2tower and phx. The custommer support is awful. Few months ago I had to crack it for one friend because there is IP restriction. I do not have the source but is pretty easy to decompile and remove the restriction ;) Have fun and don't waste your money!
  3. Those files are the same as the ones shared before so do not bother to download them :)
  4. I don't see anything special except that you sell this guy's > http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/188070-museum-ingame-class-skills-balancer/?hl=%2Bingame+%2Bbalance Ingame skills balancer..?
  5. Everything is shared and easy to add just follow 2-3 guides and you will learn. But still if you want help drop me a pm on my skype: walkataaa
  6. Well it depends on what Condition you are getting it. If it is on 3kk kilometers it will have problems. Also you are right it is a BMW this means that it is not going to be on service every end of the month :) Also about your A3 chouse. A friend drives one A3 2.0 diesel I think it is 2005-6 year and he didn't touched anything on it for now 2 years. Except the oil services ofcource. For that E90 I have allot of friends driving their from 1-3 years without touching them too in service and believe me in Bulgaria the roads are like fucking volcanoes, the diesel is dirty and low quality but still no problems. :)
  7. For that much of money you can buy BMW E90 (Depends on what fuel you are looking for Petrol or Diesel) The best mottors are: 320d - 163 HP (2005 year) Fuel Comsumption: Urban: 7.8l/100km ExtraUrban: 4.5l/100km Diesel 330d - 231 HP (2005 year for some speed lovers) Fuel Comsumption: Urban: 8.8l/100km ExtraUrban: 5.5l/100km Diesel 328I - 234 HP (My personal favourite I think they ware from 2006-7) Fuel Comsumption: I do not know but it is more then 10l/100km Urban :D Petrol Why BMW? Well I personally do not like any other brand except Audi. You will ask me why. Well the Germans are well known with their perfect car engineering. The engines are incredibly reliable and strong. The suspension is STRONG (In Bulgaria the roads are awfull and we value the cars with good suspension). This model E90 is looking great. Running great. Easy to maintain and not so expensive. Well my suggestion is buy what you like but do not buy Italian crap ... Fiat/Lancia/Alfa Romeo those are the greatest crap on the planet. So fragile and caprice...
  8. It is good to share the patch too because no one can login in those files. :) (No one newbie ofcourse.)
  9. What pack are you looking.? Interlude, High Five?
  10. Why don't you both go and suck each-other's dick's in some dark corner and stop playing wannable developers :) You cannot offend me at all. The mighty nevermore with his unicorn project and the elfocrash with his amaizing java coding skills.
  11. ahahahahhahaha You know how to read codes mate ! The "key" file was just for diversion... It has only one check at all. Plus every one with 1 week experience in compiling source could easily de-compile my "ass kicking" protection and simply add return true to the checking methods. ;) Witch will not take him more then 5 minutes. But you are a smart ass thats why you digged with hours to find where I have added lame checks. But here is not the place of discussing that.