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  1. Yup.source just for fun only :).and learn.leech it from some rus forum :)
  2. Use this server from my pack.working 100%.without error.there is backup of database :) GL
  3. idk.i just started to learn about L2.and i saw this server is not too bad.just sharing it for anyone who like it and open for a live server with it :)
  4. Leach it from 1 canlogin with any client.dont know if backdoor or not.but i think this pack is good to dev :D.can you guy fix the image load in raidboss info? Found a good info delete file they can know your password with account name.
  5. The Reason im sharing the Source and Compiled files here it's simple. I want fandC - l2tales - l2conflict- redemption to disapear from l2 industry and European selling without suport. I Wish with all my heart these files with source to be DEVELOPED-XFORMED into a source who can stand up in from of these greedy people who sell and dont give suport like [duma.c] Duma Claudius - Stalone = STOLE Rebellion files and built European server and sell like a 100% working PACK. Its not true, the files are sold in all forums for more than 600 Euro / 250 Euro. I am not a developer or programmer in java, i know few things but i wish someone can take this source and build a SVN and a good awsome Team like l2scripts and DEVELOP it. I dont want to upset Anyone but please keep my thread clean , without bad words, with good optimistic ideeas, and more power to RUSS developers. Global Gatekeeper Accessible by Community Board or NPC With all Villages & Towns, Hellbound/Continent/SOD/SOA/SOI/Delusion/Primeval/Parnasus, TOI and Necropolis/Catacombs teleport areas. Hellbound Gatekeeper Hellbound teleporter with all teleports from HB Area. GM SHOP Accessible by Community Board or NPC Up to S-Grade Weapons -Armors - Jewels, Consumables, AA Converter, Accessories Soulshots, Pets, Clan Items and Banking system EVENT SHOP Trade your Event - Vote rewards for useful goods in Event Shop. NPC Buffer Accessible by Community Board or NPC Prophet, Shilien Saint, Elven Elder, Warcryer, Overlord, Bladedancer, Sword Singer, Warsmith, Cat buffs without kamael buffs, including Schemes adding/removing, full CP/HP/MP heal. Download
  6. can you tell me where to delete backdoor.which file.thanks
  7. Hello.Im from country still love a server rate x25 custom.Im sorry but you guys think what source is for newbie like a programer can code java android c++ c#.Thanks.i saw alot L2J server.but long time no touching it.dont know if it good or not.Thanks in advanced.