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  1. Request PUBG

    bro...i understand that you are worried but..i am laughting at you :D i was going afk because of my father , you dont have enought time to read our history chat, you did not see it that i told you "I AM GOING AFK FOR 30MINS" after you sended me the program and i was afk so you started to cry about that i want to steal you your program :D i bought cheat from 1 guy but i have another work for you, if i can pm you somehow...contact me ty, it makes me funny what you write here :D scammer i want to scam your program why i would buy it from you when i can code anything ? :D that doesnt make sence, i was speaking with you about buying cheat i was very happy that i will try it for first time 1 trial and after i ll buy it i went to help my father and after i came and you blocked me and anything i said to myself WTF ?:D i still want to cooperate with you just contact me.... what i can say to you now is to read full history of our chat and say sorry cause you are doing my name black...thanks (anyway contact me)
  2. Looking for working l2 interlude hack, i have no time searching for it, i have a job , i just want something 100% working, i hope something still exists...pm me here
  3. Looking for working hack for l2interlude, i pay - but i want something 100% working no bull....
  4. Request PUBG

    lol, you have very big sence for humor :D
  5. Looking for PUBG hack, ESP, anybody have it coded ? We are two friends who interested, contact me
  6. Please pm me here about pubg hack, thanks ;)