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  1. Not sure if i am in correct section. I am looking for someone who will test with me my new project - High Five Lineage 2 Contact me on discord : Adamix#7245
  2. i have in/out ports allowed in firewall, 2106 7777 9014 and as i show you in previous link i opened those ports in my router, i cannot remove wan ports :( i am out of ideas whats wrong, do you have discord ?
  3. Hello guys, i just made l2jserver running on localhost but i would like to make it public. I started opening ports 7777 2106 and 9014, look at this link that i sucessfully logged into my router and opened TCP port 2106, my ipv4 is https://prnt.sc/ncqfqv When i check my port on web https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ it says ports are closed. for ex. " Port 7777 is closed on " login and game server is running, i already tried allowing firewall ports. any help ? please
  4. Hey guys, i just made server by this tutorial and i have problem, i can create account ( i see it in my db ) but once i click on arrow to choose race it gets stuck and program is not responding.... see here : http://i65.tinypic.com/2r74i7r.png do you know why ? i am newb in l2j and stuff like that
  5. List of my services : Contact me on email: instaboostbusiness@gmail.com or instagram @instaboostbusiness Facebook : 1000 Friends / Followers 2.50 $ 1000 Post likes 2.25 $ 1000 Facebook Page likes 30 $ Twitch : 1000 Subscribers 14.50 $ Reddit : 1000 Upvotes/Downvotes 100 $ Youtube: 100
  6. I tried but died there and there was no script to rebuff and come back, i am newbie :S Vim ze ty si king co sa tyka botovania :)) nemas nahodou scripty ked si tam este hraval? Alebo ako sa to mam naucit aby som to vedel napisat sam? Chcem sa to ucit od teba lebo ty si master :D
  7. You farmed in soa with 8chars ? Warlord spoil domi 2bish and 3dd? (Porad ako tam farmit, nemam ani script na to. Mam iba anticaptcha.) mam dva pc kde by som mohol este spustit bota takze 8 chars
  8. Hello guys currently i am using adrenaline on l2destiny but i still dont know where to farm(where is the best spot to make kkk, i am now in IT with 4characters, i make 120kk/hour 1char, can you guys tel me your spot ? Or give me some advice ?
  9. Guys on L2Destiny you can have only 4boxes, is there any trick or something how to open more boxes? For boting
  10. I would like to buy acripts on l2destiny. Since i am noob i dont know even how to insert the script. I pay for it. I need farm script. And if posible anticaptcha too.
  11. Hello man do you have skype ? Want to speak with u if possible

  12. Cau achy, chcel by som sa ta nieco opytat privatne mas skype alebo nieco take?

  13. Hello guys i need captcha script for this : anyone help ?