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  1. No we won't wipe the server. but if your interested in a fresh new server you should wait a couple of days more since we're opening a new server!
  2. We currently have 1 active interlude server but the second one is coming up real soon! We provide a stable and fair server with a nice community! :) Rates: 30x 35x 20x 20x 20x. Retail Features: - 99% of all interlude skills! - Duel ( 1 vs 1 and party ) - Augmentation - Clan level up to 8! - Cursed Weapons - Lots of more new Interlude features! - Last but not least.. we're not running L2J :) Custom Features: - CP Boosters at every arena! - NPC's paralyze you when attacked! - Added gemstones up to B in all shops. - Added gemstone a to helvetia in Giran.