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  1. Great trader. Just bought 11b from him and the transaction was flawless. We actually traded a few years back, so my confidence was already high. Happy to recommend (again)
  2. bought 11b. trusted seller and nice guy. recommend.
  3. great seller, bought 10b. recommended!
  4. trusted seller! bought iss from him, all went as expected.
  5. Hi, As topic says. PM. Cheers LE: No longer needed.
  6. Char sold to bronkerz. I recommend him as a trusted buyer
  7. Hi, WTS Sigel Phoenix Knight 99 Dark Elf (subclass 95+ healer, 80,80 - subclass skills) Server: CORE (Innova EU) Main Equip: Eternal Heavy set +6++ (full 3x120 atribute balanced), apo cutter + health 150 Dual Class Equip: Seraph Heavy set ALL parts +4 (full 3x120 attribute balanced); R buster 150 dual SA (Acumen & ManaUP); all cloaks; Normal Tezza +4, CoC earrings (knockback & stun rez), seraph rings Istina shirt +4 CON +12 R belt+6 + PVP defense Talisman Outlaw Abundance Enhanced Istina bracelet Eye Patch with nice resistance augment Good reputation on server I sell it with e-mail
  8. topic started today @ 6:41 PM Nassonim (created today at 06:44 PM ): posts at 7:00 PM, favorable comment. topic starter posts in reply to Nassonim today at 07:03 PM seems legit :you serious?:
  9. So it seems that I have to re-verifiy my paypal account. Currently I am waiting for the paypal code on my online banking so I can re-verifiy a new card ..but that will take probably 1 business day. Sorry for the incovenience guys
  10. Hi, After I made the transactions with the two guys ..I had to leave for two days and didn't have the chance to read their pm's. (You probably noticed on your outbox that the message was not read). Just now I saw that there is a problem with my paypal account ..Strange is that paypal withdrew the money from my bank account. Paypal imposed some limitations on my paypal account (although it's a verified account for two years now) ..probably because I didn't make a transaction for a very long time. I will try and see what is going on
  11. trusted seller. I paid first, no problems.