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  1. i never give any scam. for what reason i need to scam anyone? i sold adena/equip/char on mxc and no one got scam from me...i don't have this ramous on my friend on skype. i nerver talk with this person or we did any traslate. why he called my scammer and don't give any prove of that?...
  2. you'r very stupid. give any conversation with me for show at the persons what are you saying or some scren for this payment. or leave this topic with you'r bullshit thanks.
  3. LOL? i can see you more peaple was buy to me and no one got scam. show in this post the conversation with my account skype.---> lostangels1989@outlook.it. or where i will give you my name some date or whatever....give the test what you say. or please leave from this topic with you'r bullshit thanks
  4. WTS Wyn Summoner Dark Elf lv 99 With Dual Class Archer lv 99 Skill enchant Wyn +7/8 On Archer skill Enchant: +7/8/9 Talisman Hellfire Dye On Wyn: 3x wit +5/ - 1 men + 25 resist Wind Dye On Archer 3x Str +5/ -1 Dex + 25 resist Fire Ability Point 12 on Wyn and 4 on Archer Premium Account for another 60 Days Agument: Reflect Acttive, Wild Magic Active, Magic Refresh Acttive, Duel Might Acttive Air Bracelet +3 Dex Air Bracelet +3 Int Shiny shirt +7 With 2 Skill Active Celestial and Savage 19 Paagrio Breez 1 Exp Aghation 10 Rune Exp 100% 1h On This Account i have other Char: Tyr Lv 94 with
  5. WTS Blessed Shooter R99 +4 With SA Haste 300 element WTS Blessed Eternal Tunic +4 3x120 WTS Heavy Helmet +8 no element SOLD Accept Adena/euro go with offert pm here or skype: lostangels1989@outlook.it