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  1. Are you still selling? any interlude project do you adapt?
  2. I'm interested in buying. Could you contact me?
  3. I wanted to be able to separate that new map which has 3 new places put 3 font.utx each font with only 1 of those maps added to the global map of the server. I'm thinking of using just one of them. probably hellbound island or crystal island. I am obliged to use the 3 places they are fixed on the map or use none. Is that what you're doing? or you could also use one of those other deMEV maps however they are not fixed in font.utx. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpaSvUQWUOA
  4. ◄√i®uS► I have a question. you have cloak's for sale 100% without errors, for interlude??
  5. these 2 monsters with effects of Gracia Final for the interlude if possible. in the images of the scorpion are not they but the desicators with effect of sand. they also have in H5. Sorry for my english is bad ;p
  6. Grand Opening 12 November 17 Hour GMT -3 "Interlude Server". [PT-BR] Sejam todos bem vindos ao L2 SparTanS - - Server sem corrupcao, Staff ativa e com Novidades semanais - forum em breve estara ativo. [EN-US] Welcome everyone to the L2 SparTanS - - Server without corruption, active staff and with weekly news. - forum will soon be active. Server Informations Information about our server rates: [+] Chronicle: Interlude [+] All grandbosses respawn time: Custom Respawn. See .menu Raid Boss Status [+] Barakiel respawn time: 12h [+] Buff slots: 20 +4 Slots [+] Buff duration: 2 hours. [+] Summon Buffs: 3 Min [+] Summon Buff AIO: 30 Min [+] Summon Buff NPC Buff Vip: 1hr [+] [+] Shift + Click on Moob View Drops Detail [+] Experience: x100 [+] Experience in party: x1.0 [+] Pet experience: x100 [+] Skill Points: x50 [+] Adena Drop: x50 [+] Item Drop: x1 [+] GrandBoss Item Drop: 1x x1 [+] Spoil Drop: x2 [+] RaidBoss Spoil Drop: x2 [+] GrandBoss Spoil Drop: x1 [+] Quest Drop/Reward: x5 [+] D Grade Dion /C Grade Giran / B Grade Oren/ A Grade Aden / [+] S Grade Goddard / Custom In Giran / [+] Top Iten's Craft Or Farm [+] TT / DK / DY Same Status just with different bonuses with Complete PvP Set [+] OBS: TOP ITEM TT AND EPIC AND IN 20 DAYS AFTER START SERVER ADD DK ARMOR AND IN MORE 20 DAYS ADD DYNASTY [+] Weapon's EPIC And Dy Same Status just with different S/A option's [+] New Skill's And Pet's Based on Official Updates By NC Soft [+] New Dual Dagger System [+] All Boss LvL 75+ Drop Special [+] New Raid Bosses Custom with Special Drop's [+] New Event's [+] Drop Zones - Anghel Waterfall And Elven Fortress [+] Solo / Party / Clan Zone is "WarZone" Auto Flag [+] War Zone - Flag on enter in Boss Zones [+] .menu with raid status autopotions and with all info Server ##################### WWW.L2SPARTANS.COM ######################### #PHOTOS: http://imgur.com/a/C55FX
  7. interlude.su credit's when enter in game how can i remove?????? WARNING: THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE SERVER NAME OR SYSTEMMSG It is one of those files there
  8. interlude.su credit's when enter in game how can i remove
  10. only replace those that are already correct, you need not change anything in the system?