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  1. What the hell have you done to the client, my eyes lasted only 3 mins before they start bleeding
  2. Well who keeps proofs from so many years before? i would have proofs if maxcheater's inbox wasnt deleted .But whats the point?you dont have a server im not trying to make fake rumors both of us know the truth darling #luvyaDev #WeStandWithDev
  3. I was only wondering , How can someone still be a kiddo especially after so many years, btw Dev your server failed like hell , you were giving items to players (same way you gave items to me :* ) And since then you became just another keyboard warrior flaming any pride style server , oh boy my server was da best , i dont even know what you can achieve by spaming each server's topic , Your mouth works faster than your brain and thats the main problem ,why are you still a kid? i mean i was 15-16-17 when your wargay server was up and im now 25 , havent you grow up at all? #luvyaDev #WeSta
  4. So pay to play seems a solution to fcked up donations, but could we get a free account for 2-3 hours so we dont waste our money on sth without testing it?
  5. Seems fine, low players online though , and you could also provide more info about gear farm etc
  6. After 4 months playing here , i would like to state some stuff This is the only project that came that close to original gold (no server can ever be like gold or bring old era back) At first server was crowded with lots of players, then server started dying and reached 10 players or something , no gm was ever online (personal guess this server has the same owners as l2 avellan did and they opened this server just to get some money before the server that they invested the most ) so after avellan failed harder than ever staff came back online to .cc , they made updates events and shit, this m
  7. Interested too , something different than l2tales pack please
  8. This server seems nice, for a server that would open 4-5 years earlier Same concept, 1-2 farm zones farm for dusk weaps and armor then pew pew till server closes You havent even advertised the server and the opening is in 3 hours, you expect to get more than 100-200 players? same story , this server will be up for 3-4 weeks with the 70-100 players that will stay here playing with each other Dont expect much , This type of server had maximum 200-300 players when l2 was populated, imagine now
  9. Again this retarded pack , if you wanna make a good different and stable server stop just getting that retarded pack that everyone is using ,your server is nothing different to l2 dragon or liona or any other boring high rate server that wants to be called mid , x20 yeah sure with vitality xp bonus and 650 buffs from npc buffer, Just give me a reason to join your server and not the others , its exactly the same server, just with less players
  10. May i ask how many players you reached? cause i dunno if i download the client or not:P
  11. I really liked this server, but had low community, how many players you have now?:/