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  1. MMOPlay staff is online all day supporting the players and updating the server, I am playing in there so I can assure you about it that these guys don't give up and the server is going to grow
  2. I was waiting 3 months for this server, people was telling about me that i am a fanboy and a bot.. WELL I HAVE TO SAY I AM GLAD I WAS WAITING ALL THIS TIME, I was afraid that I would end up disappointed, but no this server is AMAZING!
  3. "Look at the serious projects, look at the way they are using their language to express what they are trying to sell to the players. Projects like destiny, funfactory, mmoplay, all of those have something either really unique or have a solid base to provide players a good enviroment." This guy said just everything, how come people don't see that?
  4. they did not want to fail, but they did :forever alone like a boss:
  5. Another big fail, delayed the server launch and they closed their site with an excuse of maintenance, so players can;t flame them. bye
  6. That's why MMOPLAY is going to be at the top of the servers list, soon
  7. guys support something new and international http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/181551-mmoplay-teaser-video/ .
  8. I've seen this teaser video from MMOPLAY private server which looks nice..and wanted to share it to you. New private servers most of them are developed by non knowledged people and their lifetime is about 1 to 6 months because there is no budget, I miss the old times where there were actually very good and stable servers! I hope MMOPLAY can bring us back some memories and why not some new game experiences? , It seems that they can do it
  9. there is an upcoming server http://mmoplay.eu
  10. The #1 Solution, http://mmoplay.eu
  11. http://mmoplay.eu H5 server, Low-Mid using Dynamic rates.