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  1. Hi guys. I have downloaded two free shared skill effects. One for antharas,valalas,lindvior skills (weapon skills) and then another one for fafurion skills but ofc i cannot use both of them at same time so i want to understand how to make them run together. In the tutorial i watched i only understand how to open lineage2effectskills.u and to find the desired skill.... so i want to learn how to extract a new skill from a newer chronicle and make it run on H5
  2. sorry for the off question but is it possible to make fixes for the rest of the GOD gloves (your fix work for some of the armors but not for all) or if you can say how to make the ukx file run on h5 client? i know how to extract the files i need from GOD client,how to package them with UE but after that i dont know how to make them work with the game.
  3. Thank you for the explain and here is the results. When the char is in combat i cannot make a trade. 2nd i go to coliseum as you told. Make a trade,put a weapon for trade,confirm and then i cannot attack with any of the chars (but i can move) i made allot of mixed tries and in some cases i can start to attack before and after the confirm button and complete the trade after few secconds as you told,the item is traded but the stats are not bugged and actually that work only on zones as coli/arena because i tried just outside town and i cannot attack no matter i do.... so seems the bug is not wor
  4. Never got trade bug,never had an issue with with the RB drop and believe me i had played with the RBs drop more than anybody else. About Pagan temple dont know for real what are you talking about but i do not see missing npcs there... Anyway i check again the thinks you have told.Pagan temple is full of npc’s ( nothing more,nothing less).Check once more the config for RB drop rate,when i make it True and add different drop rate it is shown with the new drop chance not 0.0000%, about the trade bug i tryed some trades with several items and everything seems to working fine is there any spe
  5. So far i work on this pack for 1 year and i still do not find “bugs” everything that doesnt work since now is simple config file like no pk,no invis/invul or simply missed 1 latter in the html file (if you where to watch you will find the solution) but at all i still do not find any major BUG which will make me leave that pack... But have to agree with you about adding custom things. For real you have to add/edit on allot of places before make it run properly...
  6. Thank you for the fast response.It is working now.Am i wrong or there is no TopZone website ?
  7. There is a problem with the mythras.rar when i dowload the VDS jar it is coded for directorys java/ L2 RO /gameserver/GameServer.java it must be java/ L2F /gameserver/Gameserver.java
  8. i just compile this code and it seems to work but i mess smth with the config for API key and etc .... i will try now the VDS you share
  9. 1. Check server ini file for correct IP and navicat AC and pass (check all the password lines),same for the login server. 2. What version of MySQL and Java you use? H5 works with older version not with the latest ones. 3. Do you have set the portforwarding and enable the ports in your internet modem ??? 4.Do you have changed smth in the core with Eclipse ? If yea check for mistakes there if not then check first two steps.
  10. Do someone know how to make the vote system work ?? server.ini configs # ==================== # NEW VOTE SYSTEM # VoteTopzoneApiKey = 6033ccba8b8ede75e6a2ad2d93234 VoteTopzoneServerId = 1016 # ==================== # ======================== # Vote Reward System # ======================== EnableVoteReward = true # Vote Address # Example: http://website.com/StringTake.php?IP= VoteAddress = https://l2topzone.com/vote/id/1016 top.ini # Vote reward for Topzone. AllowTopzoneVoteReward = true # Vote reward server link. TopzoneServe
  11. Thank you once more. At least i will protect my files from people who have low knowledge,the others who will know how to open my files will also know how to make them by them selves. So i think your way will work for me 🙂
  12. Can you share me guide or explain how to cryp .dat files without smartcrypt (i will check that soft too it is cool to know more methods). Thank you for the info 🙂 I will check it thank you.
  13. As the title says i need to lock my system files for example armorgrp.dat.Have seen many servers lock their system files and when you try to open them you got a massage that ASCII code has found.So can someone please explain me how to do that on my system files or any other method to protect them? Thank you.