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  1. Thanks,looks like frozen have some different limitations compared to l2j... I already rewrite all the items and everything is working,in future i will know what to do :D
  2. Hello Mxc. I experience one strange problem. I use l2jfrozen platform and all i trying to do is custom recipes for custom items which i created by my own on l2j platform and they were 100% working.Ok on the case: i have rewrite the custom items with id's above 40000+ (which seems to be a problem) from my previous l2j project and all is working.When i created the recipes for these items there i got the error (look the photo). By the way i have tested the recipe in case i have messed smth but when i change the production id 43059 (that is my custom armor i want to craft) to vesper breastplate ID (or any else) the recipe is working and i actually got a vesper breastplate as an item when my craft succ... Then i tryed to use a different ID for my custom item i changed it from 43059 to 22346 and rewrite the client side in itemname,armorgrp and recipe.dat so to be able to craft it and ofc all worked fine i got my desired item (the custom one which is not working with the high number ID) from the craft so for me is rly hard to figure out where is the problem.... I know someone will ask why i just don't change these id's and end the drama but that will took me like a whole day and allot of coffee cups because i have to change the id's of 70 items in the database item.xtml,recipe.xml,armorset (there are 27 armor sets with foundation parts) then in armorgrp,itemname (and here have to set once more the armor set parts),recipeedat.... Im not lazy to write but cmon the day i will spend of doing that i will use it to write smth else.