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  1. other 1 week server ? with new epic fail online after this lol
  2. Hello guys, I'm looking for Interlude Live Client Full Updated 07/12/12 last update, I not find in the forum it , any have a link or post with this Client?
  3. @Lord_rex Thanks for the share ;) , I need one link no mega link because if you not have pay account can't download 3Gb,only 1GB free, and the first link not work , can upload to a one new link not mega link please , thanks.
  4. little question: How I deactivate the red Iordanov advertising that bothers me in the system message window
  5. Thanks you so much Stain, Any system patch for Lineage II Official Classic 1.5 ?
  6. +1 Eddy I send you a pm please send me the password to version 3.3.0 to my inbox thank you so much , great job bro.
  7. Hi Guys, I have this L2 NET IG Script for Auto Augment for Freya: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// INCLUDE Include/AutoAugEngine.l2c INCLUDE StdLib/player.l2c DEFINE_GLOBAL AugEngine AA_ScrObj 0 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // CHANGE THE WEAPON NAME WITH THE EXACT NAME OF YOURS AA_ScrObj.WRK_ITEM.NAME = "#$Recurve Thorne Bow" // CHANGE THE LIFE STONE NAME WITH THE EXACT NAME OF YOURS AA_ScrObj.WRK_LS.NAME = "#$Top-Grade Life Stone - level 84" // CHANGE FOR WHAT AUGMENT CO
  8. Hi all I need one L2Walker C4 OG with guide to config for this server : http://www.l2euroworld.com/?index C4 and one L2walker C6 Interlude OG with guide to config for other one server , someone can help me with this ???. Thanks , Faithfully *Meier*