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  1. Middleman service - Everything quickly and efficiently, I recommend it.
  2. WTB WC 70+ / BD 65+ on PM me
  3. Hey, Im selling the character on the EU ESSENCE Blue server. OL 73 LVL with full b grade items (Bw light set +4, bo jev set +4, weappon b +10) also on this character have 4 agation +3,4, bracelet lvl 4, talizman Aden +5, hat +3 str int with good augu. Cloak +3 Character has nornal nickname and the character has no enemies. Pm me with your offert.
  4. I add now on data/stat/skills and scroll of escape new line "<set name="teleCoords" val="x,x,-x"/>" and work good. Any ide how can change teleport to giran after death and press to vilage? need change from nearest town and add coord giran?
  5. Hey, Where can change spawn location after use scroll of escape? I want make all soe teleport to Giran.
  6. Want to sell 153 cols on for low price. add me on skype united9928 or PM me here.
  7. Hey, i got problem on gameserver console. "ZoneData: No such zone type: MultiFunctionZone in file: peace_zones.xml" Any know how fix it? l2jserver Freya. @Edit Problem Fixed
  8. I feel too much bots on your server :S Why dont install your protection?