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  1. +1 from me. This guy has been very polite and honest with me. You can definetely trust him. 100% Trusted.
  2. Like the title says I'd like to buy a "ready" char on L2Exilium pm me here
  3. @Belzebut is a scammer be carefull trading with him
  4. Be carefull trading with this guy. He's a pure scammer
  5. I'd like to report @Belzebut tried to buy an account from him but once i sent the money he just dissapeared. https://prnt.sc/spr7dw https://imgur.com/btl9Mml https://imgur.com/pB53M9O
  6. Becarefull trading with this guy. He's a pure scammer.
  7. I got a feelin'!!!

  8. L2Vesta Grand opening 09/04/2015 check http://l2vesta.net/

  9. It's a custom pvp server. It will never be stable at the begining that's for sure It needs some times I'm sure the staff is doing their best so we can all enjoy But we gotta be patient
  10. The Website/Forum is back online Website: www.L2Nexus.net Forum: www.L2Nexus.net/forum