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  1. Selling Full Duelist on ExiliumWorld+antharas dual dragon weapon lvl 3 250Euro Who made this rule to put the price in topic must be dumb as fack. Everybody has hes own strategie how he wants to trade and make a good price for both you cant tell ppl to put the price in the topic
  2. WTS ADENA on beyond Contact me from now via discord Russkie#5029
  3. 10.000 donation pound in stock 100b Adena L2 saga Contact me via Discord Russkie#5029
  4. Its not working talked with Administrator already
  5. Solling walord lvl 72 Subclass necromancer lvl 70 21day Card PA autloot Lion Set starter pack C grade Contact via discord: Russkie#5029
  6. Hello everybody. Selling on incomming saga.net 8 januar Donation Pounds/Adena Contact me Via Discord Russkie#5029