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  1. Add me on Discord for more infos Russkie1980#5029
  2. Was Adrenaline keys 12€ unlimited.
  3. Dont listen this dogs just ignore them they are tales/saga rats thats How the ppl are theese days. Wish you good luck on oppening.
  4. Atleast youre not lieing to anyone big respect from me!! i give your server a try even a 2nd try Wish you good luck on oppening 19th
  5. Hello everybody again. Iam Experienced Olympiad player. Since i have something on it i could do it, Professional in my free time. I play every class. You can add me on Discord ----> Russkie#5029 Price for Hero char is 15€ each char.
  6. Подождите, пока на Elysian / Tales не будет 50 игроков, а те, у кого +16 предметов This guy maked an announcment on oppening and said Thanks for everyone already 2.500 real players on our server moron lier
  7. They also need to learn asnwer more proffesionel.
  8. Achylek you need to log server in the morning after 7:00 You see like 40-50phantom on Main Town that moving here and there First day of beta oppening .online Commend was shoing 1.250 Online They Give on Website Fake infos To the players about no fake online Numbers L2 is Dead. And first of all The server inside Have always the same bugs since 2016 Idk what are they doing they dont know to Fix them or dont want pay a good Dev?#
  9. Hello Everybody. We are leading Almost every Midrate server Like. -->L2Dragon/Destiny/Era/Rise/Ramona/Tales/Saga We have Done More then 300Safe and Fast Trades Without any problems We are New on Maxcheaters Thats why Iam making this Topic Today! We are Trading With Trusted ---> "Middleman Services" <--- With^^ Big and good Reputation on MXC.^^ On Our Group you can see Stores From Servers that are going Live 1 or more weeks. Contact The administratos Inside The group for Questions or Trades. Discord Group. Add me if you cannot Join the Group.-------> Russkie#5029 Everyone Welcome. Thanks
  10. Seems nice 2Castle Poor PvP server GL.
  11. Server inside is Fake the x15 and the x50 one, So many phantoms never saw. Chars are on adrenaline on Beta and on x15 server On beta Chars with A armor/Dynasti weapons They move There and here If you pm someone of this chars they answer you in russian or like this tmtms!-YO! Just liers... Fail from now