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  1. 100% Agree with punishment because NightWolf was making drama since yesterday and he was warned already and clearly came to this topic to make provocations. Just read NightWolf's message above 2-3 times and tell me again that this is not a provocation. What proofs? In a random discussion topic? I would understand if Vision would be working in antibot security field and he would come here to advertise his services and try to trashtalk, but now he cant even say what he heard from his friend? Seriously? Moderators are humans also, they do their work for free, so its time to start respecting them.
  2. Write here, I want everyone to see how much you charge for shared costumes
  3. How is a post 2 weeks ago where I adviced you to change design but you couldnt take criticizm is related to today? Why you keep spamming offtopic stuff? I will not participate in this, good luck.
  4. nobody is attacking you, chill. Rules are same for everybody.
  5. how many costumes included? do you sell only costume textures separately?
  6. Why cant you admit your mistake and you keep raging? I heard you are like 35+ years old why you dont behave maturely?
  7. no respect for forum moderators from your side....
  8. I think it is rude for one developer to advertise his services in other developer's topic. Not to mention that it's 2 people (nightwolf/kara from same team) who are advertising their services. @Vision can you clean the topic from spam? people come here for a free share, this is not an advertisement topic.
  9. L2JORG or L2JMobius? Or there are better packs like l2scripts? Did anyone test?
  10. https://prnt.sc/1qvvgql This is where you get your 32k visitors I guess? Can you tell me what cheap alcohol are you drinking?
  11. You want to tell me now you have 32k users online in your shitforum? Just stop embarrasing yourself, please.
  12. 2 years and still alpha stage? Did you know that alpha should never be publicly accessible? Doesn't seem like you are a professional developer, more like amateur. 32k visitors? How do you calculate them? I opened your forum (I'm sorry but your forum is even more ugly than your website) and it shows "Total users online: 131 Members and 21538 Guests Online". How did you even manage to bring 20k+ bots in your forum? Impressive. Anyways, I was just trying to help you, but if you don't want to accept any feedback and just downgrade me to a trashtalking kid then fine. You do you, maybe after 10 years you will have a good looking topsite (when nobody will play l2 anymore). To be honest if I was you I would not even tell anyone about topsite looking like this. For now I would focus on fixing design and only then start advertising it. Instead you come to this topic and present your topsite and tell us that it's perfect. In what planet are you living on?
  13. Sorry but I will have to disagree with you on this one. itopz.com has the worst design (UX/UI) I have ever seen. Maybe you are a good programmer, but you are a bad designer. 2 years since you registered this itopz.com domain, I beg you hire a designer and fix that shit because it looks very ugly. If you need money, I can donate you 10eur but I beg you fix your design because it's not even funny anymore. If you want to compete against other topsites, you need a modern design, not a design from early 2000's.
  14. im not sure what he is banning since he has 8 people online in his discord server and his servers are dead with 0 online
  15. All this guy has is dead servers with 0 online running on frozen, so I would take his review with a grain of salt.
  16. everyday I come here to check the latest activity feed and I find you spamming. maybe you need to done down that arrogance? in every topic you are being salty and conflictive. it's like you don't have anything else better to do and like the ilusion of always being right or what? you are not a moderator, just a spammer. it's almost as if you never had bad history in this forum or am I wrong? stop cringing people, you are 1-2 negative reports away from dissapearing from this forum. if I were you I would be sitting quetly like a mouse under a broom and be just grateful for being here.
  17. Chill bro, it was my own jar on which I worked 8 years ago and I rebuilt the source.
  18. where to get source of vanganath?
  19. when u report admin about autobots he tells u to use .bot to report them 😄
  20. pay for your own interface, dont steal other peoples work,
  21. you clearly don't know a difference between having same files and using same pack.
  22. 80-100 Real online. 100+ autobots spawned in giran. I saw like 20 archers standing there with maj light set and carnage bow +0 🙂 Come on dude.
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