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  1. But server need to have good setup. Imo fast enough leveling, slower equipping. People will have max lvl and improving armors, weapons etc slowly...
  2. From 5 to 10 is best imo. But drop rate around 3 to not get farmed so fast. Best settings are to reach level fast and farm slowly, it will trigger lot of pvp for top spots...
  3. For sure after summer. Weather is worse and there is a tendency to stay home and play
  4. WTS Adena at Core server. 100b in stock. 3 Eur per 1b. Only Paypal, payment first. Can be deals with small amounts to be 100% safe. Contact here. Only serious offers. If u dont wanna agree on Paypal and Euro first ( can be even in small amounts) , Im deeply sorry, i wanna feel safe as well.