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  1. I would also like to recomend MrPro . i know him , we played together. he is trusted
  2. New posting Requirements are set for making a new topic at Lineage 2 Marketplaces: Marketplace [Items & Chars] Minimum content count to post: 20 Marketplace [L2Packs & Files] Minimum content count to post: 20 Marketplace [Powerlvl & Support] Minimum content count to post: 20 This new requirements are set to prevent scam, double/fake/alternative accounts. If its necessary we will increase minimum post count to 50.
  3. It will get you afterall like it happened to me .... traded the bannable items then another 34231523 useless items untill it filled the inventory and wh.... AND STILL.... they banned me and deleted only the EXACT items that needed to be deleted.... So....the logs are messy Every character/item/class/skill/zone/trade has an unique ID
  4. Bro why u put at the end of pots "Lineage 2 Elmore Administration" ? Its like ppl here are adressing to some professional human resources employee of some huge company.
  5. i closed a deal with the guy Trusted and fast + he discounted me alot and also gaved me alot of more items as bonus. I recommend him 100%
  6. Trusted and fast . I recommend 100%
  7. Tozone owner is one of the biggest retards i've ever met in online enviroment He's such full of him...he acts like he's the most important person on this planet while he is just a shit
  8. WTB items on l2 warland pm the infos
  9. Do we have to craft or we find in shop until S ? Also , 19 gmt-3 means what in GMT+2?...i mean..in how many hours from now the server will start? edit: oh i see the countdown