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  1. Ok so i try to lower the prices of items from GM Shop ID 53. No matter how many modifications and how much i change the price to a item,it stays like it was before. it doesnt change If i try to create a new multisell file by my own and add it ,than it shows 0 items for example: <td width=40><button action="bypass -h npc_%objectId%_multisell 9114" width=32 height=32 back="icon.armor_t1002_u_i00" fore="icon.armor_t1002_u_i00"></td> if i change 9114 , it just doesnt change <!-- Brigandine Heavy Armor --> <item id="1"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000"/> <production id="352" count="1"/> <production id="2378" count="1"/> <production id="2411" count="1"/> <production id="2425" count="1"/> <production id="2449" count="1"/> <production id="2493" count="1"/> </item> <!-- Reinforced Leather Light --> <item id="2"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000"/> <production id="394" count="1"/> <production id="416" count="1"/> <production id="2422" count="1"/> <production id="2446" count="1"/> <production id="2411" count="1"/> </item> <!-- Elven Mithril Robe --> <item id="3"> <ingredient id="57" count="2000"/> <production id="2396" count="1"/> <production id="2401" count="1"/> <production id="2426" count="1"/> <production id="2450" count="1"/> <production id="2411" count="1"/> </item> It just doesnt show it costs 2k adena armor set..It costs 400k-600k-800k
  2. WHY ??? i have worked 2 days for nothing ? now i have to add the npc's again?...i did nothing but restart my pc and now this... and i can't create any connection anymore
  3. Hello. Im thinking to start learning on making servers again. I wanna make a interlude server 100x with non-customs My question is..... could u recommend me a datapack easy to work on and with many features already added on it?...like buffer...class changer....chaotic zone...etc... Also....any tutorial about how to setup it? (create database,config the loginserver ,gameserver) I used to know all this 5-6 years ago...but i have forgot all.Thank you :)
  4. Hello players , developers and cheaters ! I'm KIDutz by the nickname,Cipri by the real name and i live in Romania,26 yo. Great to be a member here.
  5. Hello cheaters. Im looking for a interlude stable pvp server where active augments stack. (you can have 1 passive and 5 actives for example) Any suggestions?