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  1. Hire a hardcore farmer to farm for you ! Benefit of your free time in another way , while i work for you so you can boost your character ! Selling adena . 100kk = 1,6 eu 1 bilion = 15 eu ======================== Selling Hellbound Coins . 2k = 2 eu 20k = 17 eu 150k = 50 eu ======================== Selling Ancient Adena . 20kk = 1,5 eu ======================== Any S Grade Recipe . 3 eu ========================
  2. Do we have to craft or we find in shop until S ? Also , 19 gmt-3 means what in GMT+2?...i mean..in how many hours from now the server will start? edit: oh i see the countdown
  3. Best pvp experience i ever had. can't wait to play again :D KIDutz > 18.800 PvP
  4. Hello,i am looking for a software that auto posts in facebook groups ....but with a method so i will not be put in facebook jail. Thank you !
  5. edit ur topic title and content please. i dont want people to see this mistake
  6. very true.i got one running with 3 players online
  7. WAIT , WHAT???? THAT'S A FRIENDS SERVER FROM ROMANIA>>> named "Madalin Baldau" I just recommended he's server...i dont own that server how do u came to the conclussion that it is my server? this is what i own: http://l2criminal.com http://l2virus.net If you also check http://facebook.com/la2criminal and http://facebook.com/l2.criminal now this are my pages.if u check the first one u will see a review from him too....we left reviews to each other fack off and edit the title and ur topic...i dont even know that guy
  8. Had alot of fun today. 1k pvp already , gonna finish the day with 1,5k pvp's