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  1. Everything sold, topic can be locked. Thanks
  2. Hello, i would like to sell lots of stuff on l2 dex union including some rb jews, mw sets +6, over enchanted weapons +16/15/10 and others, tods etc. If u re interested in buying something on this server just pm me. Im also willing to trade those items for items on l2 warland. Looking forward to your Pms See ya. :) Edit: Now i have only DC robe set MW 8/6/6/6, MJ robe MW set 8/6/6/7 (gloves +7 not MW), Tallum heavy MW +6, 2370 tod, 3,4kkk, wizard tear +16, mjlight set +6, 4x AM +3+A , MW Tatoo ring +6 2x, All pa
  3. Hello guys, as the title says im buying items on l2 warland, please pm me with ur offers WITH PRICES for each item or for whole package if u sell it only that way. Pm me here please, looking forward to your offers. :) See ya. :)
  4. Hello, looking to buy high lvl 70+ char on l2 reborn, including email /pm me ur offers with price looking forward to your offers, cheers. :)
  5. Fair trader, just bought items and trade was smooth. I recommend him.