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  1. Olympiad competitive character, Top epic jewel holer MA robe set, TM robe set, MA robe set AM+8 , TT set 35 DC and more... for further info and price pm me
  2. Wts 78 lvl windrider. Character includes: Sub destro 60 lvl MJ light set mj light set +3 Talum heavy set TT set +3 100kk Infernal 2 handed focus Great wolf 63 with top gear Drake and plated leather sets +3 Crystal dagger critical dmg Dark screamer focus Top c jewels +3 Dyes on both main and sub 10 kk AA Bamboo hat Lion mount A lot of Enchant scrolls from all grades Pm here with your offer! Be fast characters are going fast
  3. Trustworthy seller, quick delivery recommend this seller!!! :D
  4. WTS destro lvl80 with subs :sps, adventurer IC+3 set TT set +3/+3/+1 1kk green seals for AA 8kk adena Shining bow Dragon slayer x1 top LS x3 Bogs Wisper me here for more info
  5. Sorc +30 skills VNFR +6 lvl7 Vesper buster acu +7 300 passive WM Hero Cloak 22kkk b freya shirt hp +8 elegia jewels set and much more...really cheap for info pm here
  6. Wts EE on l2 gamers with: Nobless DC robe set +6 AM acu +5 som acu +8 3 gb 5kk AA 2200 glider medals 2500 medals tt neck sword of ipos VIP elixir available daily 4 BEAA 5 BEWA 3 BEAB 7 BEAS PM me for price and more info.
  7. WTS sph l2 rise with : +6 vesper noble found PVP 95% attribute robe set hero cloak +6 vesper buster acu 300 atri +1 INT freya neck 3 vorp 1 vesper jewels 7 billion adena +20 skills For price pm inbox or add me on skype: paris.karavidas
  8. Selling Appela robe set +8 55% 250 enria Reflect Shield Pm me inbox for more info.
  9. Selling Archmage on l2 saga: Elegia set +6 full atri PVP Rising star Acu +10 full attri PVP with +1 int and WM +6 Olf +6 belt pdef Solt Cloak +6 Zaken +6 B freya 240 FA 200 Vote coins ALL skills +30 30 SAGA COINS And much more... PM here for price and info.
  10. WTS archmage at L2 saga with top gear. full elegia set +6 lvl 7 atri rising star +10 with +1 int and passive WM all skills +30 blessed freya +6 Zaken +6 30 saga togens approximatly 150 bil of adena in items. oly earing tones of talismans. weap and armor are pvp and more For details pm here or add me on skype: paris.karavidas
  11. WTS top geared char in l2 saga. Archmage with: Blessed freya VNR set +7 full atri Rising star +10 lvl 7 (+1 int , passive wm augment) All skills max lvl 1kkk adena nobless..... and more For info- price contact me on skype: paris.karavidas SOLD
  12. Selling Shillien knight 39 lvl (and 50%) Includes: 2nd class quest done all 3 parts ( only need to turn 40 to become bd or sk) 1,5kk adena SLS sword top C grade Full geared with top d grade (briga full set revo sword and elven jewels) Char is also in a high lvl clan with the xp bonus skill for more info and price add me on skype: paris.karavidas
  13. Hi, I am trying to use L2 adrenaline cracked version on l2redemption but for some reason it does not respond when i open the client. The client exe does not appear in adrenaline window and tehrefore it doesnt work. My firend downloaded exactly the same files as me and did the procedure exactly as i did it and it was working for him. Please be kind i am new to adrenalline :)