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  1. grandboss manager. ?? dild exis ena npc pou sou dixni ta grand boss pia einai alive i oxi ean enoeis auta bres sta config sou ta id an thimame kala exoune diaforetiko id , i svise ta kanonika grand auta poune la8os
  2. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- Test Multisell --> <list maintainEnchantment="true"> <!-- Dark Crystal for Major --> <item id="1"> <ingredient id="2407" count="1" enchant="10"/> <production id="6383" count="1" enchant="10"/> </item> </list>
  3. the best fix is remove old lineage and install again new
  4. <add order="0x40" stat="pAtk" val="25" /> check this and tell me
  5. Entry.dll in system delete and test
  6. System open etcitemgrp.dat and find your id and change your icon
  8. Check this maybe help you