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  1. First of all I already did a build of the the code and I really figured what wasn't implemented. And before doing this thread I had googled everything I asked. As for people time, I always respect people who help others by pointing out but not babystep. As I thank you for doing that. I don't expect you or anyone to give all your hard earned knowledge for free. Yes I would like to know were to start but that's all. Thanks for your time, the attitude I didn't understand but thank you for the information anyway! Have a nice day 😉
  2. Yeah I figured all these things are missing but I will work on it 😉 I would really love some first steps guidance though on how to decipher the mechanics. Like what part of the code should I first look at so I can go step by step on how it works and how it calls other parts of the code? The gameserver script? Any tips are very welcome :))
  3. Download links are down but I found this https://web.archive.org/web/20180627000323/http://netpro.revengineer.eu/protocols/c1_harbingers_of_war.html it is a list of all packets client and server side 😉 last question, is there any easy way to understand the source code so you can edit/add/fix things or you need to break your head alone? haha possibly the second but any kind of tutorial would save time
  4. Mobius, I love you man! 😄 I literally had zero hopes on this xD thank you very much!! One more thing, do you know if there is a way to monitor the packets that are send from the client to server ? thanks again ! 😄
  5. Hey guys, I have a bit of experience in the past with c4 and interlude sources and I was wondering if by any chance anyone has somewhere in his old files or knows where to find source files for l2j c1 or c2. I know back then probably there weren't stable releases and so on but I'm really interested in finding those files. The only files I did find was a compiled pack but half of the things were missing + there was no spawnlist etc. Thanks for your time and have a nice day :))
  6. Hello everyone ! I'm trying to make a toggle skill that STOPS or RESUMES the player's exp rate. Im on my first steps on java (i can import/edit some codes || still hard to make my own from scratch), can someone help me ? Even if you haven't/don't want to share a script , can you point out where to begin? I already made the skill server/client side, the only thing (and the main i guess :P) is to write the script xD Thanks!
  7. Thanks for you answer :D After some search i found something. In npc.xml , wolf, all hatchlings and striders had a parameter expType, which was set to -1. I compared that to the baby pets that got xp and baby pets had for level 1-19 -- > expType = 40 and for level 20-80 ---> expType 90. I changed it for the problematic pets and it works but still i don't understand exactly what expType parameter is doing! Anyway call the problem fixed ^^ Thank you again for you answer ;)
  8. Hello everyone! Pet wolf and pet hatchlings(all 3 of them) don't get xp. The 3 baby pets get exp. I tried: be the same level as the pet, pets attacking the monsters. Nothing worked. Anyone knows how to fix this, or can give me some hints on where to search for the cause? Thank you very much in advance :)
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