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  1. Thanks! You have a HF version or adaption of this monster ?
  2. Maybe some animations sequences are bugged. I check "atk02" and this animation dont work. Thanks for the share SGER@fjs. If you can fix the animation Atk02 and you can reupload it, you will be grateful.
  3. Is fafurion model from Lineage 2 Mobile ? Nice share!
  4. I like the projects that intend to apply a reengineering of this game, but your project not only applies a reingenieria but also proposes a different game mode, I like it. I never thought I would see "Game Modes" for the L2, really impressive. IpotoniC, your project is innovative and interesting. I hope you can continue and finish this project, my friends and I will be waiting for the opening!