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  1. https://imgur.com/1LeFNg2 still some but i spawn it other place :) geodata: /loc 83207, 148390, -3368 https://www1.zippyshare.com/v/JvYAqSSE/file.html
  2. yes, but try spawn it little to right :) https://imgur.com/sLQTrjc
  3. i spawn npc on this place :) and when spawn NPC flying :D some on other side when spawn NPC dusk, is stuck in geodata :)
  4. yeah :) nice :P only when port on this place cant move, any geodata problem or lions invisible and stuck on him :D
  5. nice share man :) thx // @Rolo only this tigers on stairs not like :/ can be edit it ? :D
  6. open NPHRN_LET.utx and skill effekt Ico.NPHRN_Snipe ;)
  7. can u upload all files on mediafire.com or https://www.zippyshare.com/ ? http://uploaded.net/ its useless :/ low speed for free
  8. Hi, lf any L2dev who like L2, this work and have time for cooperation on new project IL x25, have acis files rev 398 completed on 70% now need fix only any small things, best from PL/CZ/SK. PM for more info or on Discord: KejbL#0290 Thx ;)
  9. https://imgur.com/tH4o5s9 @deMEV and u share it somewhere ? :P or can u share it :)
  10. @deMEV this map from la2dream :) something how sky arena but maybe little bigger zone btw Sky arena its free ?:P
  11. i need this map :) https://imgur.com/DihBFbq @deMEV its u work or ? :P
  12. aaa inside its all solo npc good :) btw how free user download 30min :D can u later upload it on mediafire.com ? :) thx
  13. nice share thx ! :) btw can u share solo green cat + akamanah ncp ? :P thx