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  1. what u think interface with autocraft ? :P
  2. https://www24.zippyshare.com/v/FgAdP3Ua/file.html try this ;) its me edit elfen witout pictures
  3. yeah :) not good server but have nice protection :D
  4. @L2Extreme @WarningX best bot protection... stay in town and use augu with interface (all ppls use IF) kick me and when login stay in jail :D GG
  5. Hi, lf protection from l2neo on Jeremy > TTs quest... when talk with Jeremy char freezing and must use captcha, and captcha display on random place or in chat :)
  6. Hi, some1 have working soft fort edit .dat files l2ear classic ?
  7. working to soulshot and rune exp/spoil drop too ?
  8. Hi, some1 can help me ? i need code for set items on time... for acis
  9. this soft have but thx :) here see only 1 icons how in l2tool :/ btw when i rename .utx files i cant use it... u dont know why ? write me thisfiles not for l2 :D
  10. i need soft only for good search any icons in .utx :) and any me files unrealUD open and other give error :/
  11. hi, some1 have good soft for open .utx files - and good search icons here ??? use l2tool but its not good must use page down all time and see only 1 icon... :D and unrealUD give me all time error :/ thx