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  1. https://forum.innadril.com/threads/donation-shop.130/ See now? All about the money :)
  2. Lots of effort was put in this project, everybody can see that trully. Too bad it's another p2w server
  3. As the title says, I'm buying adena on melcosoft interlude nationa x0.3
  4. Can't wait to try it out, been waiting for a while for a server like this, maybie 0.1x rates would be better. But if there will be good amout of people playing is also ok probably. Defenetly gonna try it out and see. Max lvl 39 is just a 1st chaper? and will later on be able to lvl up further?
  5. I had one of the most amazing experiences with this guy, I hired him as driver, and whole time while it lasted, I was notified every detail what he was doing. Really quality, honest and professional work from him, I can't imagine the possibility of getting a better service than from him. 100X trusted from my side
  6. Just a reminder to all possible buyers, yesterday someone was selling same lvl pp for 80eur and he was a scammer. and this account was made today on the forum, so probably the same person
  7. Accounts:Tyrant lvl 67,70% top C jewels +3, full plate set, all skills learned, full 2x WH of LOA items ( 2 years of VIP 4 remaining), 50% xp rune for 14 days more 240eur PP lvl 61, all skills learned, Karmian set, top C weapon, with shield ( vip 3) 180eur BD lvl 63, all skills, vip 4 180eur SWS 47 naked charr, all skills, vip 4, 50% xp rune 20 more days 50eur Gladiator 49 naked, vip 4 50eur DA lvl 61, full heavy avadon set, SLS +3, C jew vip 4 + 10kk adena 150eur WC 57, C set armor, all skills learned, vip 2 150eur Bishop lvl 60, all
  8. As title says, I'm buying adena on Gludio server, PM me price and stock, thanks
  9. Fastest trade I've ever had, really nice and trusted guy!
  10. 100% trusted from my side, just did a trade with him
  11. Awesome guy, trade went smooth and very very fast. Defenetly trusted
  12. I'm leaving skelth for good, so I am planning to cash out. I'm selling the following: - 1. Destro 72, gladi 67 naked - 80eu -2. BD 68 (BW set) - 100eu -3. PP 61 (avadon set) - 90eu -4 SWS 55 (FP set) - 40eu SOLD Santa's cloak - 50eu SOLD 80kk adena - 50eu +3 BW heavy set 20eu All chars have good amount of XP scrolls, and all acc's are still active for arround 14 days I accept only Paypal and can do trades with middleman. Skype live:mamuti1231
  13. Just made a trade with the guy, everything went perfect. So I really recommend and trust him
  14. Interested in BD, but can't send you PM on this forum. Maybie folder full?
  15. As the title says, I'm searching for pp or wc on Skelth PM me with an offer ty
  16. Hi, I'm done with l2, so as the title says, I'm selling BW heavy set +6. HOTPRICE: 300EU (SOLD) I accept only Paypal Edit: Acc1 :Also WTS BD 58 with C top duals and B grade armor. Sub is active for 16 days more 80EU Acc2: Gladi 67 + destro 58 both naked 150EU
  17. Very trusted, exchange was fast and as we agreed. Will use more of his services