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  1. Trusted guy, made nice trades on a few servers already.
  2. 1kk Adena = 1€ EXP Level 69+ 10kk exp = 1€ Skype: Lionna1993 Payment: paypal
  3. WTS Elven ELder level 56 with 50%. 40kk adena skype: lionna1993
  4. wts frintezza necklace on L2mid. pm me on skype "DarkDestro1993" im not online in skype 24/7 but i will write back for sure! we can talk about the price.
  5. wts db focus +10 on l2mid (l2off platform server) 3k+ online. skype : darkdestro1993
  6. Draconic Bow Focus -------> +9 150€. pm me at skype "DarkDestro1993"
  7. WTS Draconic Bow +8 Focus pm me at Skype "darkdestro1993" offer has to be minimum 150€ pls. we can talk about the price at skype. GL
  8. -Sagittarius lv 79, ADV, Mystic Muse sub. -Noblesse -Draconic Bow Focus+10 -Tateossian Jewel set -MJ Light Armor Set Only serious ppl. Offer must be MINIMUM 100€. Skype: DarkDestro1993 (online from 10 am- Evening) sometimes AFk but i will answer.
  9. Olf Shirt +10= 50 Euro. Talisman ALL STAT= 50 euro ( 4000 Festival Adena) Good Luck to get it :) i made a post here, if you dont have the money to talk, dont talk pls :D