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  1. Accounts:Tyrant lvl 67,70% top C jewels +3, full plate set, all skills learned, full 2x WH of LOA items ( 2 years of VIP 4 remaining), 50% xp rune for 14 days more 240eur PP lvl 61, all skills learned, Karmian set, top C weapon, with shield ( vip 3) 180eur BD lvl 63, all skills, vip 4 180eur SWS 47 naked charr, all skills, vip 4, 50% xp rune 20 more days 50eur Gladiator 49 naked, vip 4 50eur DA lvl 61, full heavy avadon set, SLS +3, C jew vip 4 + 10kk adena 150eur WC 57, C set armor, all skills learned, vip 2 150eur Bishop lvl 60, all skills, karmian set, C jews vip 4 160eur All charrs, were lvled with live players, our whole group is moving from serverItems: Dual sls+sls, top B weap 100eurBW heavy set SOLDFisted Blade +12 augumented ( 274 P.Atk) SOLD FP set 25eurIf anyone interested, send me an offer or question on PM or add me on skype live:mamuti1231, I accept only Paypal. Have a nice day
  2. As title says, I'm buying adena on Gludio server, PM me price and stock, thanks