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  1. Thanks for the informations you shared, so you think it would be possible somehow to convert the XML think to sql tables or is that something that requires skills or lot of time?
  2. I'm wondering why they choosed to implement such methods for droplist, spawnlist, etc? (I mean they use XML instead of sql) I also noticed that the droplist doesn't work as intented.. the min, max values having issues for me (max value isn't equal as the XML value I setted it) While the pack comes with ton of Mods, it lacks many classic features.
  3. Hello, firstly thanks for this awesome share! I'm a rookie in Java and I had some troubles after compiling and running the pack. Exception in thread "Thread-33" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.nio.ByteBuffer.position(I)Ljava/nio/ByteBuffer; at at [09:38:09] INFO Restored 0 offline traders May someone shine some light to what am I doing wrong and I kept getting this type of error when I throw the gameserver.jar/loginserver.jar to pack after compile? [FIXED]: I was running it with wrong Java. -Many thanks to Blizzard for the instant response he gave to my problem.
  4. Hello guys, I'm new to this hobbie and I was wondering if It's possible to add a new cutscenes IG for Quests or anything you want... I searched everywhere but with not luck for informations, if you know any method please let me know!!! Thanks in advance.
  5. Is it possible to add in html a code to get players name and chat it back in npc dialog? Does anybody know any trick to use this?
  6. I think this server gonna rock HAARD! keep it up buddy I love your creativity
  7. Big thanks to deMEV he helped me alot and FREE with L2SMR. LightFusion - no need to count other people's money... (it's my advice to you). If you do not value your time, it does not mean that other people don't appreciate him.
  8. Hello everyone! I want some informations about Lineage 2 editing programs/tools. 1st. of all is that posible? if yes what are the steps to be done something like this.... Also I tried to edit my Map with a program called "L2smr" It's this one in the picture below... but doesn't seem to work well? (I heard something that needs to decrypt first the .usx files before you be able to edit them) any infos could be usefull thanks in advance!