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  1. Hello, I know this is an old post, but maybe someone with experience and is willing to help me out to implement a pagination for the achievement list? Since it does not have one, having a lot of achievements in a single page is bothersome. Thank you in advance for anyone who can help me.
  2. Hy guys, I have a problem with the pet equipment on my interlude server. The pets work, they can be summoned, leveled, attacked with, but cannot equip any pet items on them. I put the items in the pet inventory, double click it and it says : "Your pet cannot carry this item". It won't activate with that green border around the item. And after that, the item becomes unequipable from the pet. To retrieve the item, i must unsummon the pet. There are no errors in the gamerserver or in the log files. Also, the pack i am using is the latest from L2jmobius. Maybe someone had this issue and might be able to help me. Thanks!
  3. Hello guys and Happy New Year! I am trying to make a custom soulshot for my Interlude server. I created the new item ID in the core, skill table, item table, and did the client side icon aswell. The soulshot works, partially. It activates ONLY if the user left clicks it after each attack, the auto-use of the soulshot isn't working(right click on the shortcut bar). The standard ones work, no problem, but the custom one i created will work only manually, no errors in the db. Question is, is the auto-use items a client side feature or not? Because i kept searching the core, and I didn't find anything. Thanks!
  4. So, first of all, this interface is one the best ones out there. Its simple and elegant. But there is one annoying bug that persists and each release. That is the floating damage bug, where if the player has a high attack speed, or is damaging more mobs at the same time (with pole) the damage stucks to the screen, and can only be fixed with a client shut down. Is there an updated version where this bug is fixed? Also i checked the l2 logs for the error and this is what pops up with the damage. See picture below.
  5. Send us your code you are using if you want us to help you. Its most likely you changed something in it.
  6. Hi guys. Short question. How could I disable the champion spawn for certain monsters with a certain title? The monster type is L2Monster, and the title is MonsterSpawn. Would it be possible to exclude these mobs to be transformed into a champion mob? if (Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE) { // Set champion on next spawn if (!(this instanceof L2GrandBossInstance) && !(this instanceof L2RaidBossInstance) && !(this instanceof L2ChestInstance) && !(getTemplate().title.contentEquals("MonsterSpawn") && (this instanceof L2MonsterInstance) && (Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_FREQUENCY > 0) && (getLevel() >= Config.L2JMOD_CHAMP_MIN_LVL) && (getLevel() <= Config.L2JMOD_CHAMP_MAX_LVL))) { final int random = Rnd.get(100); if (random < Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_FREQUENCY) { setChampion(true); } } } As you can see I tried with the getTemplte.title but I doesn't work. Any help or hint would be great. Thanks!
  7. Thanks guys! It worked. I used the solution from @melron. Thanks a bunch!
  8. Hi guys. I have just one question regarding core side and using the SQL statements to update/insert datas into the database. How could i implement the following query when a new character is created? ("UPDATE characters SET botprev_fail_account = (SELECT botprev_fail_account FROM accounts WHERE account_name=login") I want that the new character that's created on the same account to have the botprev_fail_account value taken from the ACCOUNTS table and inserted into botprev_fail_account from CHARACTERS table. The account_name and login have the same value. The following code that i tried doesn't work: try (Connection con2 = DatabaseFactory.getConnection()) { PreparedStatement statement2 = con2.prepareStatement("UPDATE characters SET botprev_fail_account = (SELECT botprev_fail_account FROM accounts WHERE account_name=?"); statement2.setString(1, _accountName); statement2.executeUpdate(); statement2.close(); }
  9. Hi guys. Quick question for you. How can I change from a static int list with mob ID's in the core, into a normal list, that can be modified in a .cfg file by anyone without messing with the core? From this: public List<L2Spawn> _MonsterSpawn = new ArrayList<L2Spawn>(); static int[] mobs = { 21162, 21253, 21184, 21205, 21163, 21254, 21206, 21185, 21255, 21207, 21165, 21186 }; To be read from a .cfg file like this: MobIds = 21162,21253,21184,21205,21163,21254,21206,21185,21255,21207,21165,21186 Basically, I want to load the information what mob ID from the cfg file, and not from the core. Thanks!
  10. Ok so, i managed to use this bot protection on my server. It works, 50%. As far as i can tell. it works ONYL for mage class characters. If I play with a melee fighter, the protection doesnt kick in. Whats that about? O.o Update: Sorry for double post.. And i did some more testing, and it seems the system isnt working as long as you kill monsters with MELEE hits...if you use ranged attacks, it works fine. Its not class or race related. Its strictly to ranged attacks only (mages and archers work 100%) any other type thats melee wont trigger the system.
  11. So after a long and painful testing and searching the core what might cause this bug, i finally caught the little bastard. My knowledge in coding is mediocre at best, but i still managed to fix the problem. In the java file gameserver/model/actor/stat/ is where the speed is calculated. I compared this file with an older core i have and noticed a small difference: This is the bugged code: public final float getMovementSpeedMultiplier() { if (_activeChar == null) { return 1; } return getRunSpeed() / _activeChar.getTemplate().baseRunSpd; } And this is the fixed code: public final float getMovementSpeedMultiplier() { if (_activeChar == null) { return 1; } return (getRunSpeed() * 1f) / _activeChar.getTemplate().baseRunSpd; } As you can see, the getRunSpeed function was missing this character * 1f. Not sure what it does, but my guess would be it rounds up the final value. I might be wrong. Either way, its fixed now. Thanks for the advice.
  12. So, regarding your question I did some testing with a Human Fighter (no speed boost). Base run speed 126. If i buff with WW lv2, thats +33 speed, totaling at 159 (ok). Adding Quick Step passive lv2, thats +11 speed, totaling at 170. Equipping the DC robe set that gives +7 speed, totaling at 177. As you can see, I can increase the speed as much as I want, and its correct. Now, with 177 speed, if i activate Parry Stance which is -10% off the basic runspeed (126-10% = 12.6) (<mul order="0x30" stat="runSpd" val="0.9"/>) it gives me 164 run speed which is correct again. But, after several tests, i came to the conclusion that the speed decrease is working until the runspeed reaches 115. If the value goes below, it turns to 0. I just don't get it why...In the SQL table at the char_templates, the MOVE_SPEED is 115. This is one weird bug to be honest...
  13. Hi guys, So recently i did a new IL server for our small group, and i noticed that there is a bug regarding speed. If the characters base runspeed is standard, and you toggle/buff with a certain buff that reduces the speed temporarily, the runspeed goes down to 0 until you cancel that skill. I recompiled my server, checked the skills settings for the runspeed reduction, checked the core settings for the formula calculations, the problem still persists. The only solution i found that works is if i increase the base runspeed by 30, but this isn't a fix. Any ideas why? Here is the link to a short gif to see whats happening: SpeedBug.gif
  14. Yes, but I have the pages set, a max of 6 items/ page, problem is when you check the items and go over the 21 checkboxes ticked, then it crashes. But I will check out the acis, thanks for the hint.
  15. Thanks SweeTs! Im sorry for the late response, I just didn't have time to test it! But I did now and its works! Thanks a bunch! On the other hand, I encountered a problem with this code. As it seems if a player selects more than 21 items to crystallise, the game client crashes with the following error. My guess is it has to do with the limitations of the html files but im not sure. My question, is there a way I can limit the number of items the player can select? If its possible, I would appreciate any help. Here is a link to the Craft Manager in works: Crystallize.gif Crafting.gif