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  1. After moving dragon to Hellbound they change login server, now it is:
  2. (dragon x15) 831 btw. I think you may need IP and port encoded in l2.ini, here it is:
  3. Hmm, and what about non-java servers? Undetectable?
  4. As far as I remember, somebody here on maxcheaters.com proved that ig walker is undetectable by checking packets... they are same as these send by normal l2 client. If I find link to that topic, I will paste it here. EDIT: here is quote I found on forum:
  5. You can... just use key remapper and remap 'home' to another button :P
  6. It's working, I am sure about this, because I have run some bots few minutes ago :P All you need to do is install clean Hellbound, apply DN patch (http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TDPYORHF) and run l2walker after setting path to l2.exe. Tested with 2.05 and also 2.09 cracked versions of l2walker, both works.
  7. I have a dwarf bot which spoils enchants, but from time to time I need to go back to town and deposit them, take soulshots, potions, etc. I think that whole action can be done by appropriate script in l2walker. Soe & moving to wh keeper & withdrawing potions is easy, but the problem is in depositing these enchants scrolls... You know, one such a bot is not big case, 5 minutes is not so much. But if it is about 5 or more bots, this script could save me a lot of time... :)
  8. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=27698.0 Here is all what you need...
  9. Check verification of the walker, it seems that this is a problem ( If Verify Info is 'failed' ). Otherwise You must set something wrong in l2walker options, there are no other possibilities imo.
  10. Hi, I would like to ask you mates if it is any method to deposit enchant scrolls in warehouse using l2walker? I have already tried to write the script which main part of looks like: LABEL(start) NPCSEL(Walderal[iD=30844]) DELAY(500) NPCDLG(Walderal[iD=30844]) DELAY(500) DLGSEL(Store an item (Private warehouse)) DELAY(500) SAVEITEM(Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade C)[iD=951],1;) DELAY(500) JMP(start) It doesn't work, I suppose it is caused by a fact that I have many ewc in my inventory: they have same item ID and walker 'doesn't know' which one should be placed in wh... eventually
  11. It's not a kind of bot, simply macro! Just as inbuilt macro system in l2: You set up list of commands, run macro and that's all. Only difference is that macro from external program cannot be stopped by doing some action ingame (like normal l2 macro) and is more functional. AC Tool doesn't work like bot! It can't recognize char's hp. It can emulate mouse movement, clicking, and keystroke. I use macro to craft mats only.
  12. eh... use google sometimes: http://www.actool.net/ There u have all informations and download link. Generally, AC Tool is macro-program: it emulates actions which can be done by mouse and keyboard, makes loops with them, etc.
  13. f.g AC Tool is working, dunno what about others... I suppose that are working either :)
  14. Hmm, graphic is very good if u find appopriate plugin... I had one, but some time ago my hard disk just have gone to heaven xD and plugin with its :P gameplay... hmm, sadly it's true :( nothing can replace climate from psx.
  15. U can change name of GameGuard.des to L2.exe and there won't be any error. But still there is no solution how to force client to login... I think that some changes must be done in l2 system files.
  16. I start my l2 adventure from c3, then long time c4 and some time ago Interlude and Kamael. Some of my friends irl started from c1 and they claim that it was best time in their whole l2 history :D
  17. Yeah, it's annoying... And it's look like sh1t :P And according to topic: ciger (I always use this name) xD
  18. Thanks a lot for it, very nice share. I will try it as soon as I get ticket on rapidshare xD
  19. Hmm, I didn't see it before... Quite nice, we will see how it looks in game. Thx ^^
  20. Yeah, the most curious char is tyrant imo. It's not easy to play with him, but if u learn how to do it... Really good fun.
  21. Oo u play every server that exist? Don't post nonsense posts pls... Glad is maybe a good char, but it doesn't own everywhere...
  22. Hahaha, it should be in humor section xD I fell from my chair when I saw char in movie running in this way :D Thx mate, u make my day with this 'bug'
  23. I try it today, if works can be helpful. Thanks :) @pavlos: first screen is cutted I think...
  24. Better way is make PW and use unlock or keys with sprint (if there are agro mobs: silent move on). Quite faster (u don't need to kill agro mobs) and rate is the same. Btw. with dagger u can easy get rid of competitors (lure+switch/fake death), with nuker not so simple :P
  25. Oo thanks a lot for it! It really helps, I don't need to alt+tab several times now, great tool.