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  1. Epeidh psaxnw meres kai polles wres mia apadhsh gia to ti egine kai stamathse na duleyei opoiadhpote ekdosh apo 2.17 kai panw sto server mu, eipa na rwthsw kai dw . Kserei kapoios kati ? Exw akusei oti egine se para pollus server alla de kserw an isxyei. Opoios exei oreksh as riksei mia matia k edw http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=237407.0
  2. only thing i can bring up is there is some new protection servers got , not sure though
  3. what server r u playing ? check this btw http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=237407.0
  4. same here i ve been trying hosts since i thought i should fix this 50-50 verify thing. nothink worked for me , tcptunnel , l2bypass , hosts u name it. ig version 2.09 verifies fine but then again this version has problems hitting mobs from range. what hosts u think i should use after all ? i used w/e host there was on net...
  5. well last day im trying unsuccessfully to configure 2.17 ig version for dnet . hosts i use : l2authd.lineage2.com l2testauthd.lineage2.com nprotect.lineage2.com system of server : http://www.dragon-network.net/download/GFClientPatchDNET_full.zip login ip : server ip : server is gracia final i used l2bypass nothink happen , same with forward tcptunnel. wtf am i doing wrong ? server has not any walker protection as far as i know
  6. agorina mporeis na to ksanashkwseis kapu pali ? to forward ti kanei ?
  7. server is dnet they aint got protection im the guy who has this problem http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=237295.0 2.05 verify ok 2.09 verify ok 2.17 sometimes verify is ok , sometimes its not (this one is actually pretty fucked up i dont know what going on , same settings nothing changed i try like 30 min i cant verify it , i try after 10 hours and verifies without any problems 2.18 tested and i couldnt verify probably same prob as 2.17 dunno if it has to do smth with hosts ver 2.05 and 2.09 though are modified (2.05 is harem's version)
  8. it doesnt verify on my server , what could i do wrong?
  9. Guys as tittle says i use 2.17 ig walker on dnet and sometimes my walker works , sometimes it doesnt. Dunno on what it could depend , i ve tested it to many times and cant figure it out. I run the game on l2walker and its 50-50 if verify is gonna be ok or if its gonna fail. If it helps finding whats wrong it happen to me also running a window on l2w with verify ok and walker running flawless and after like 2 hours trying to open a second window on l2w -while 1st still working- and i get verify fail... Could anyone help ?
  10. unless server has a protection throtling "say" accepted packets ?! just my idea
  11. this bug was working back in c4 in dnet and was fixed. dunno if it works again
  12. As topic says im looking for some info about it. When u enchant smth there is a window to add thoose things. which make ur enchant safe and if it brakes it doesnt go back to +0 as far as i understand. I m searching web for like 1h + but 0 info about how to obtain it. Some info pls...
  13. am i the only one here thinking thats OBVIOUS and not exploit ? lol whats the so big exploit if u can use tranforms in oly on ur server u dont have to be a genius to use this for ur own benefit