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  1. now its ok but walker dont wanna attack,fish ect. its dead. why? any suggestions?
  2. I have problem like this... im playing on Interlude server and when im trying to go fishing character stand and dont wanna move... hmm i clicked insert and end few times.. and i watched out with hosts ect. what can it be?
  3. Oky now bot is working but.... when im clicking HOME and fe. i wanna go fishing there is no reaction, bot is dead. Any suggestions?
  4. I have problem like this: i open proxifier,l2 aserv,l2 fork,Bake-ice, make hosts, log walker, and when im clicking log in on bake-ice it logs me there... not in walker window.... WTF? I was trying few days and nothing. Anyone can help me pelase? P.S. Funny is that it was working, but after restart BUM and nothing Thanks
  5. I have problem like this... Im making all things like in instrruction, enter my ID, switch to walker, enter id, select server and when i switch to window bake ice to log in it logs me on bake ice not on walker... WTF?? help me please :)