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  1. 2 weeks without response. I thought it was serious I even sent a project.
  2. Estou a procurar desenvolvedor L2j experiente p/ fazer umas adições e remoções de coisas da revisão em que estou editando atualmente. Os serviços que quero: Add NPCS Add Mobs Another Client Clean Rev, Remove Backdoors Add Events / Mods Add Weapons and Armors Custom Add Mod .Dressme (skin) Add Skins / Costumes Add S/A especific to weapons Add Vip system + Npc buffer vip Add Bot Protection + Hack protection or verific existing mods Quem se interessar me chama no skype: klausdats Fico a disposição p/ mais esclarecimentos. http://prntscr.com/nxj31a
  3. I need a system / panel where the logged in player can invite new players to play and receive reward points in the panel donation system. This currency of reward for disclosure must be different from the official currency of cash donations. I want someone to work with me on this, I'm Brazilian and I use a translator to communicate with me. Interested me add on skype: hkmashida exemple: http://portaltibia.com.br/convide-amigos-para-jogar/