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  1. Never seen cheaper prices for such an amazing service, keep it going alex. Greetings, slayerduckie (L2Avestation, L2NuVeL, L2Neon lul)🙂
  2. It sucks really bad, not really liking it. Text does not fit at all, same with the lightning effect above. Overall 2/10. Take my signature as example, look how everything fits together. Also take a look on the text.
  3. Kara aka AccessDenied appealing a well deserved ban for like the 50th time, classy. To be honest Kara, you were banned for a reason. You were reported several times, for that reason. People were not satisfied with your services for good. You should have delivered in time, but you didn't. You ignored your clients discord/skype messages etc... And your excuse is you had no time? you were busy? cmon lmao. If you dont have time, or irl problems or what not, then let your clients know.. tell them whats going on and stop let them wait for nothing.. like a fucking rat Also, besides
  4. Update - Logo Concept (For Sale) click on the image for better quality
  5. Loftheim


    So you give me a warning for this comment. What the fuck is wrong with you? Please enlighten me what led you to that conclusion to give me a warning for this comment. Seems like you were never a part of the internet before. @Celestine Is this a new rule I am not familiar with? If yes then you guys need to warn like 95% of the whole community, fucking bullshit.
  6. Now people abuse that by boosting their post count, not better as well.