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  1. Sory, this one should be a fixed version. https://mega.nz/#!1cVnSaQb!YN3ApyMrOWzqCTPPXEQg46MdSMQpoUMbR9hsKPJecgQ
  2. Found it on my harddrive. https://mega.nz/#!ld01GKjD!MYYai742pd7VnQ4yEAw_sx4qm7dSuq-_AF335ve-wvM
  3. Well there was a reason for lock, it's basically just spam. But you obviously don't get it.
  4. At least he's somewhat right. You guys wasting your time with that. Just for your interest. I unlocked it before you made the report. Because it's actually fun seeing you guys talking to a wall :)
  5. People like Kara keep people away from this forum. None likes scammers :)
  6. The system itself looks good, where u can choose between buffs and items, not gonna lie good job on that. But the HTML still looks stale and boring.
  7. You really report me for bad attitude? Lol. I just expressed my opinion on the HTML design. And I think since he's releasing it soon to the public he must be able to take criticism. And saying that it's a shit design doesn't really implying a bad attitude. Like I said, it's just negative feedback. It's not really hard to see that you're a friend of Kara, who wants to see my rank get removed just because Kara got butthurt because no Staff gives a single fuck about his reports anymore. If you really think that's bad language then you shouldn't be allowed to access the internet - because you will see things like that everywhere most likely. When you build your pc from scratch in real life and show it off to a friend and he's telling you that it looks like shit, that you could've built it way better - you're also reporting it to the police? I doubt it.
  8. I just try to help. Since Maxtor isn't fixing the actual download system, so I try to refer to a different source. It's not that i highly recommend the other forum or strongly advertise it. And I highly doubt that he will stay there because I dont think he can speak Portuguese :)