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  1. So many players, it makes so much fun actually lol like in old days
  2. Wait what. A year of development and nothing really special? Or what did you do in 365 days?
  3. Well, when you pay premium then your server gets accepted. Even when you got a new account. Fishy way to milk peoples money out of their wallets.
  4. That was not 1 year ago, screens saying 11. January 2019.
  5. I like it, what program did you use? Adobe Animate?
  6. And what should this video tell me ?
  7. He ignored my Facebook message. Looks like he dont care lol
  8. Hey, since i am studying graphic design in very early stages at my college, i am currently practicing my skills. I wanted to make a logo, and i picked as my project, since I think their current logo doesn't look that good. That's what I came up with. What you think ?