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  1. I can also recommand @StinkyMadness or @melron
  2. Hard to find a good one in my experience. And also, none gonna do the work for free. You should prepare some money. Good Luck.
  3. Why? If Remorse admin can't handle criticism then why do he even open a server at some point? That doesn't make even sense.
  4. There is a different in what u believe and what not. People who open servers with fake player count has no balls in my eyes.
  5. Just show people evidence. Show them a picture of your Real Online players count in console or wherever you can see that and they shut up.
  6. This topic should be junked. So much hate in here its unreal
  7. Yikes scamming for 30€. This guy must have a really sad life.
  8. Topic Locked until @Iordanov provides a new download link. Also removed it from the starting post.
  9. @Designatix @Celestine Was a pleasure for me to make those for you <3. If you want the PSD file, let me know :)
  10. What the fuck is this server name