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  1. Same Owner Lionna, Ramona and Era and another merge from L2Lionna to l2Ramona to L2Era and now to L2Ancient imagine how many epics / armors/weapons +10 +14 +16 xdd Dont waste your time in this server.
  2. That interface is from l2rpg aka Editkh Patch >:D anyway why Opening is now 5 august ? :D
  3. Olf's T-SHIT will be available? If yes, I'm out :happyforever:
  4. website doesnt work for me or my friends (we're from peru) :'(
  5. There is an issue with the file interface.u When i put this file and try to open l2.exe, automatically goes to the loading screen :poker face:
  6. This might help you. http://forum.rpg-club.com/index.php?showtopic=90331
  7. This rar contain 87 songs up to Tauti https://mega.nz/#!Fgkz2bKA!puY8nN94qtLEmsDSCayfP9oZ6aZ0DDGVwuOL0RESNwo
  8. what about this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGCwTjdYHbc&feature=share&list=UUk3XEqEQ30HXhEr7wJ8P-jA
  9. Freya or H5 with Balanced and w/o donations But it is impossible :poker face:
  10. I'm looking find this patch reuse look CD SKILL BAR Ty :)
  11. http://l2vadc.com/donate/ epic