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  1. Laggy server, random dc and website always offline
  2. Edit: finally i make .uax file with custom sound, but i don't get lineage2 client use that sound while i play. I used .wav files with 22.05KHz, 16bit and mono, i modified systemmsg-e.dat and still doesn't work. Any help?
  3. Could you update this tutorial? some images are off Thanks
  4. Could you get Ertheia Interface for Interlude?
  5. Please modify time lapse for barakiel respawn, keep 4 hours between respawn but 1 hour more waiting for respawn is seriously ridiculous. People who play a lot are wasting each day 4 hours waiting the fucking barakiel respawn, for that you made x75 server?
  6. Hi, i'm looking for an unicode.dll and fire.dll modified for interlude, i need it works with special chars like ´ or ñ Thanks
  7. Yes, here the server, expect don't break any forum rule ;D
  8. I'm really interested in Raiderz, closed beta test 09/08/2012 - 29/08/2012, for now i'm testing it on private server. They told release date will be november-december 2012 more info here
  9. i'm looking for a patch for use characters like "ñ", "´" in lineage 2 chat, i found fire.dll and unichat.dll modified for freya but don't work in Hi5 Thanks for help
  10. Finally i use this, cause others don't work in H5, but now i want a delevel script for H5 server
  11. Hi all, i'm looking for something like this, i want access to my wharehouse from my web clan it's possible? thanks for answer